Rescued Dog Discovers Exciting Better Alternative To Walking

rescued dog discovers alternative walking

Greyson, an adorable rescue dog, loves walks like other dogs. However, he also masters the art of skateboarding with style, which makes him extraordinary!

Greyson was just a cuddly pup when he was rescued from the desolate streets where he had been abandoned. His father, James Bonde, quickly adopted him after his rescue, and before long it became seemingly impossible to separate them.

James told The Dodo:

“He goes where I go.”

Rescued dog discovers exciting better alternative to walking

rescued dog discovers alternative walking
James Bonde

James has always had a passion for the outdoors, and thankfully Greyson happily followed in his footsteps. From days spent kayaking to nights camping under starry skies, they bonded as they explored the wonders of nature.

But it doesn’t stop there: These two have also been spotted cruising around town on their Onewheel hoverboard, a one-of-a-kind electric transportation device that glides on its own.


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At first, Greyson just stood on his Onewheel while being led by his adoptive father. However, this did not last long; He quickly began to understand the concept of how it works. By leaning in a certain direction, he could easily propel himself forward. With time and practice, Greyson quickly became adept at boarding and enjoyed exploring new places.

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Before long, Greyson was able to drive alone. He slowly and carefully began to get used to driving a vehicle, before gradually moving towards navigating even rough terrain, just like an experienced driver! Ultimately, this led to him mastering driving on his own.

rescued dog discovers alternative walking
James Bonde

James decided to buy Greyson his own Onewheel so they could ride side by side in harmony. Now, when the two go out on the street, everyone turns their heads! They are a couple not to be missed. Greyson and James have become very popular thanks to their fun outings on wheels.

Jacques says:

“Greyson loves to ride. And he loves everyone.“

rescued dog discovers alternative walking
James Bonde

Greyson has been on an incredible transformational journey. And with their father’s continued love and guidance, they take this trip in style!

Finally, James said:

“I don’t think he realizes how amazing he is.”

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