Touching moment when rescued dog experiences petting for the first time

rescued dog experiences petting first time

Imagine that you have lived your life so far with a small, dirty kennel as your home. You don’t know anything about people, they just appear sometimes with a little food, but most of the time they don’t bother you. However, after many boring and closed years, people appear who take you for some reason and you find yourself in a warm house, where strangers treat you with love and attention. At the same time, you feel that life is moving in a better direction, but you have no idea what love is, so you become afraid and withdraw into yourself.

We often see dogs rescued and ready for adoption. We rarely get a glimpse of what is happening at the shelter and how long the road to happiness is.

A dog named Bernard has never felt the warm touch of a human. He was afraid of everything and didn’t want to look anyone in the eye. After spending time with the dog, shelter volunteers decided to pet him for the first time. They recorded everything and the video touched the hearts of thousands of Internet users. You can watch them below.

The whole purpose of the day was to let him know that human contact was safe, he didn’t need to be afraid of it. He was honored when the dog finally lay down in front of the woman’s hand.

Every animal needs our warmth and love!

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