They Tried To Wash This Rescued Dog’s Eyebrows And Found They Were Unpainted

rescued dog eyebrows not been painted

They rescued a dog and thought his eyebrows were painted on, but were surprised to find out they were unique markings.

It is unfortunate that there are so many homeless animals in the world. But sometimes, with a bit of luck, some of these animals find permanent homes.

Being just a puppy, Betty was found wandering the streets of Bratsk, Russia.

When her rescuers took her to the shelter, they thought someone had painted her eyebrows, but when trying to clean them, they realized her markings were unique.

Oksana, Betty’s mother told Bored Panda:

His eyebrows are the birthmarks of his mother or father. The skin where the eyebrows are is darker than anywhere else. So nature has decided.

They tried to wash this dog’s eyebrows, but they were unique marks

Because of its unique characteristics, the shelter then called it “Frida” in honor of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Happy Betty

Shelter staff posted information about the dog on their website, catching the attention of netizens, who sent her best wishes and hope she will be adopted soon.


Oksana was one of the people who fell in love with this adorable dog.

She said:

I saw her in the picture on the shelter’s website and fell in love. A lot of people called to pick her up, but when they saw her they refused.

betty adopted

Oksana decided to bring Frida home, but gave her a new name: “Betty”.

She said:

When I saw her, I cried. And when I picked her up, she immediately fell asleep, and once again I cried with happiness.

Betty and her mom

Betty was a little scared at first, maybe because she had to be taken to the vet, where she got all the necessary shots. But after all her hardships, Betty fell in love with her new family.

betty at home

oksana said:

She’s a godsend, smart, caring and loves kids. I always look up to her and smile. I’m lucky to have the best dog in the world.

Betty and her family
dog with eyebrows

This dog is unique, she is very happy now, and her family is very happy that this story has ended well and that Betty has found a comfortable and loving forever home.

Images : Instagram / brovisvoi


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