Rescued Dog Gets The Role Of Her Life In A Blockbuster Movie

rescued dog star hit movie

Coco was found wandering the streets. She was thought to be a stray, but they never found any family looking for her, so she ended up in a shelter. What people who met Coco along the way didn’t at some point imagine was that this wonderful dog would become a major movie star.

Chloe Arrington, social media coordinator for Fulton County Animal Services’ Lifeline Animal Project, told The Dodo:

Coco was a lost pet and was cared for by a community member for several weeks. [They] tried to locate anyone looking for her, but they couldn’t keep her permanently.

A rescued dog becomes a movie star

Coco in the shelter

Coco was then taken to a shelter, then she was taken in by a family for a short time, as they could no longer care for her, so she returned to the shelter. It was then that her forever family adopted her.

Coco dog

Chloe said:

She returned to the shelter and her new family came to adopt her. They were waiting for her to become available for adoption and of course fate intervened!

happy Coco

It turns out that Coco’s new family is made up of professionals from the entertainment industry, who have found the perfect opportunity for their new dog: a starring role in “Predator: Prey.” The talented dog stars as Sarii, Naru’s (Amber Midthunder) trusted companion.

Chloe added:

Along with his family, he now also has a dedicated trainer. Coco may have more roles in the future as she is a dog who likes to be active and keep moving and learning. Having a job is a great option for her.

Coco in a movie

As Coco lives her best life, she shows people who have ever considered adopting a rescue dog that everyone deserves a second chance and that they can achieve a lot when they do.

Coco in the movie

A message from the shelter on Facebook read:

Originally, I was supposed to have a small role; however, her popularity with test audiences encouraged director Dan Trachtenberg to include more of Coco in the film.

There’s no doubt that Coco turned out to be a star, and although she was almost a disaster at first, as Amber Midthunder said, it was her upbeat and cheerful personality that won hearts.

Coco resting

The message continued:

The response Coco is receiving is proof that the extra care and patience has paid off! We are thrilled that Coco has found the life she has and is now shining a light on the potential of shelter dogs and what they are capable when given the opportunity.

Images: Facebook / Fulton County Animal Services

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