Rescued Dog Waits By Her Bed Every Night For Human Father To Put Her To Bed

rescued dog waits next to bed dad puts her to bed

Bailey is a lovely little dog who was rescued some time ago by her family, and ever since she arrived at Mac Clenney, her adoptive father, she has started a special routine with her. The man usually wraps it like a burrito to sleep, since then the rescued dog usually waits impatiently for the arrival of night beside his bed.

But this bond between Bailey and her adoptive father was not something that happened immediately, Mac had to work to earn the dog’s love. The man and his wife adopted Bailey from Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue in 2020 and soon discovered their daughter had some fears to overcome.

Mac told The Dodo:

“Every time we snuggled up with blankets on the couch, Bailey felt so much more comfortable and calm when she was wrapped up or covered in a blanket. When we met her wonderful adoptive mother, she told us that Bailey [was] one of the scariest and shyest dogs [she has ever] met.”

Rescued dog waits every night for daddy to put her to sleep

rescued dog waits next to bed dad puts her to bed

Mac was completely in love with Bailey, so he worked with a canine behavior expert to help her deal with her fears. And while it wasn’t easy, over time Bailey began to trust her new family, which eventually led to that relaxing blanket ritual the dog looks forward to every night.

The dog’s adoptive father recalls:

“She was jumping off the back of the couch and running every time she walked into the living room. It took over six months before she felt comfortable around me, even approaching her.”

rescued dog waits next to bed dad puts her to bed

Mac account:

“We did it once as a bedtime prank, and when she curled up, we decided to quit. [We] woke up the next morning and she was still bundled up, so we started to do it every night.”

The family also has a lovely tabby cat named Penny at home, who has developed a special relationship with Bailey.

Mac added:

“They snuggle up and Penny teases Bailey with her cock. Bailey acts like she wants to chase after Penny every time she zooms in, but she knows there’s no way… she catches up with her.”

rescued dog waits next to bed dad puts her to bed

Bailey is a wonderful girl and although she was once a frightened girl of the world around her, she certainly taught her parents that time and love can heal anything.

Finally, Mac said:

“Reaching out to her and showing her a kinder world took months and years of patience and understanding. She now walks with us to parks, shops [and] breweries. ‘herself.”

Images: Instagram / macclenney

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