Rescued Pit Bull Tries To Muster Up The Courage To Enter Her First Real Home

Rescued pit bull gather courage enter first house

When an adorable pit bull named Valentine stepped foot in her new home a little over a year ago, she was very nervous, and immediately tried to summon all her courage to enter her warm first home.

Although it was good news, Valentine had spent most of her life-giving birth to cubs in a very awkward hoarding situation. Because of this, she didn’t know what her comfort or safety meant, and she also had a hard time trusting people again.

Ashley Moses and her husband decided to give Valentine a new opportunity, and although they did not know how to deal with this situation, they took a risk for her.

Rescued Pit bull dog tries to stop fear

Scared valentine

Since they met her, the dog proved to be very shy and it was difficult to gain her trust, it even seemed that her noble soul no longer existed.

Ashley told The Dodo:

“We could not feel her personality during our meeting with her. You could tell that her spirit was shattered and she looked so sad.”

Sad Valentine

Her situation was a bit complicated, and Ashley and her boyfriend weren’t sure they could handle it, but they knew they had to try.

Ashley added:

“From the moment I saw the photo of her, I knew that she was our dog. She sounds corny, but it was love at first sight.”

After adopting her, the couple continued with their doubts: How would they handle a dog like that? What do we do to gain her trust? And others more.

Rescued pit bull

But what broke Ashley’s heart the most was the moment Valentine arrived at her new home. The couple hoped that she would be happy to be safe, but it seems that the dog was not ready to trust people yet.

Ashley commented:

“It was necessary to convince her to join us. She was so scared, confused and did not want to move from the hall of our house.”

Furthermore, she remained very sad, and although they brought her tons of delicious treats to gain her trust, she did not want to interact with her new family. Everyone in the house was very concerned about her reaction, but the next morning, something surprising happened, and Valentine for some reason changed her attitude.

Her mother hoped that the dog would continue a bit away from her, but in exchange for that, she received hundreds of thanks licks and a happy face.

Valentine and Ashley

It was as if Valentine’s personality changed overnight, apparently she realized that she was finally in a safe place.

Ashely added:

“She was 100 percent a different dog, she was jumping, playing, kissing me and generally very excited… It was a crazy moment because we didn’t expect her to open up so fast!”

During the following weeks, Valentine’s parents helped her overcome all the fears that her previous life generated in her and she completely transformed from her.

Couple adopts dog

Valentine now knows how to go down stairs, she runs in the rain, plays happily, and Ashley and her boyfriend couldn’t be happier to see how she does it. Thanks to the couple taking a risk with Valentine and trusting her intuition, she is now the happiest girl and she proves it every day of her life.

Ashley said:

“She loves to play with her toys, she loves all food, and especially her family is what she adores the most.”

Rescued Pit bull dog

Without a doubt, Valentine’s progress has been incredible, but she has a lot to do with the love that her new family gave her and they will continue to love her forever.

Images: Instagram / valentinethepitmatian

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