This Rescued Pup Has A Tail Sticking Out Of His Forehead

rescued puppy tail front

On Saturday, November 9, Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue center in Missouri, USA, shared photos of a puppy it had just rescued from the streets. As the photos show, this is no ordinary dog; in fact, he has what appears to be a small tail sticking out of his forehead.

The fact that the tail is sticking out of its head may seem off-putting to some people, but looking into its adorable puppy eyes will be enough to convince you that a dog with two tails is even cuter than a dog with one.

Rescuers affectionately named her “Narwhal the Magical Hairy Little Unicorn”, in honor of her unique appearance.

The puppy with a tail on his forehead is loved by everyone

rescued puppy tail front

The rescue center posted on Facebook:

“New rescue! This pup was just found with another older dog. This pup has a tail sticking out of his forehead and some sort of injury to his paw. We’re glad this baby and his friend are at the rescue. shelter from the freezing cold.”

rescued puppy tail front

Mac’s Mission took the Narwhal to the vet to find out why he had a second tail, and an x-ray revealed he wasn’t connected to anything.

rescued puppy tail front

The group explained in a post that “the extra tail is not connected to anything and serves no purpose other than to make him the coolest little dog.”

The vet said there is no medical reason at this time to remove the Narwhal’s frontal tail, as it is not an obstacle for him.

rescued puppy tail front

Rescuers said the tail didn’t bother him at all, and video of the pup shows him running excitedly, looking like a normal dog.

Rescuers said:

“He seems perfectly healthy, apart from a few usual puppy parasites that he’s been given medication for.”

rescued puppy tail front

In the future, Narwhal will need a permanent home, but for now the organization has decided to keep him for the time being to allow him to grow a bit more and to make sure his tail doesn’t become not an obstacle.

Photos of the adorable pup have gone viral, helping to spread awareness of Mac’s Mission’s work.

rescued puppy tail front

The staff shared a message from Narwhal in response to his newfound fame:

“It’s me Narwhal! I don’t understand what viral is, but my adoptive mom said my viral story helps all of our dogs with special needs here at Mac’s Mission. You’re welcome. I’m super excited to to be the poster child for “special is awesome.” Thank you, Narwhal.

rescued puppy tail front

You are surely very curious, but unfortunately the second tail does not move.

Images: Facebook / Mac’s Mission

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