Kittens Rescued From The Streets Love A Kind Dog And Thought It Was Their ‘Mother’

rescued street kittens adore sweet dog thought it was their mother

These adorable kittens rescued from the streets are adoring an adorable dog who took care of them and thought she was their “mom”.

A litter of four kittens who had been living on the streets were found when they were around three weeks old. Laura, a volunteer foster family, came on site to help the little cats and immediately took care of them. At first, they thought they belonged to a wild mother, but there was no mother in sight.

At home, her rescue pup, Raylan, who has a thing for kitties in need, didn’t hesitate to reach out to help the little cats. When the quartet arrived at their home, the canine was ready to receive them with the sweetest of welcomes.

Laura told Love Meow:

We thought they belonged to a feral mother, but there was no mother in sight. At first the kittens were quite nervous around Raylan, but soon found they liked it when he licked and cleaned them like a mother cat.

Rescued kittens love a sweet dog

rescued kittens

Laura’s dog has a gentle character, she is very affectionate with each kitten entrusted to her mother. Even the smallest and most timid feline cannot escape his dose of love and the company of the dog helps him regain strength.

Laura says:

Raylan was rescued from a shelter where he was going to be euthanized at the age of two. He was originally my adopted dog, but no one wanted him and I ended up falling in love. J soon realized he was very sweet and affectionate with small animals, so I started raising kittens, and the rest is history.

kittens rescued from the street

Laura says whenever Raylan is surrounded by felines, the dog immediately feels a sense of duty and purpose. And as soon as he heard the four newly arrived kittens, named Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid and Agnetha, his great parenting instincts immediately kicked in.

The volunteer remembers:

They were starting to eat solid foods and their coordination was poor, the perfect age for Raylan to help keep them clean.

The kittens always seemed very happy when Raylan licked his face after each meal and let them climb on it and rub his belly. When he appeared in the morning, they would run to him and follow him like a line of ducklings.

They purred constantly and competed for the dog’s attention as a mother cat would.

Laura says:

They tried to follow him around and do what he did because they admired him so much. Raylan likes to take the kittens to his bed or couch for a good bath, and they line up hoping to be worn. It’s incredibly soft.

kitten and dog

Apparently, no bed or sofa seemed like a suitable place for these kittens to sleep. They preferred to snuggle up to Raylan when it was time to take a nap. The adorable dog turned these little ones into curious young cats.

When the cats started running around the house and doing all sorts of mischief, Raylan knew it was time to let them spread their wings and take flight on their own.

Kittens rescued from the street love this sweet dog

Now Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid and Agnetha have become wonderful indoor cats. Thanks to Raylan, they received much needed love and affection to grow, and now they are thriving happily.

Images: Instagram / raylan_the_dog


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