The rescuers unanimously admit to having never seen a dog so degraded before. Shocking details of the intervention

rescuers admit never seen dog so degraded
@Schronisko dla zwierząt w Gnieźnie

A German Shepherd named Rex came to the homeless animal shelter in Gniezno. The animal was taken from its previous owner. He was in a deplorable state, barely able to walk, covered in his own excrement. A team of specialists is fighting to ensure that this animal has the opportunity to live a life without pain, both physical and mental. However, we already know that it will be a long and difficult fight.

The shelter employees couldn’t believe their eyes. They’ve never seen a dog like this

Activists from the Kłecko Animal Protection Society, assisted by municipal employees, took an extremely neglected German shepherd away from its former owner. The quadruped’s name is Rex. Eventually he ended up at the homeless animal shelter in Gniezno.

Even the most experienced employees, who are used to seeing neglected and homeless animals, were shocked when they saw the dog.

The animal could barely walk, dragging huge mats covered in excrement.

It took several hours for Rex to be sanitary

Immediately after receiving Rex, the specialists began to bathe and pre-cut the animal. His fur was in such poor condition that it prevented the dog from moving freely.

After hours of cleaning the neglected dog, it turned out that the cut mats, made largely of feces, weighed more than 10 kilograms.

In this case, there is no question of momentary negligence. It took several weeks to bring the dog to such a state, during which Rex’s life turned into hell on Earth.

The dog will face a long and expensive treatment

The next day, Rex could count on more comprehensive care. First, a groomer from a pet spa took care of him. It only took one visit to the salon for a neglected pet to change beyond recognition.

However, dirty and matted fur wasn’t Rex’s only problem. The animal has difficulty moving. A complete diagnosis must be performed to determine the cause of this problem. Your pet will certainly need a long treatment.

Fortunately, the worst is now behind him. Rex can now count on a full bowl, a clean shelter and the help of a professional veterinarian. Anyone who would like to help give this poor creature a new and better life can donate any amount <HERE>.

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