Which of these men is the REAL owner of the dog? You will be surprised to know which detail is the most important

Riddle Which men REAL owner dog

Are you ready to have fun? There are three men in this puzzle, but only one of them owns a dog. Don’t be fooled by appearances, as the difficulty level of this puzzle has been a problem for many people. Apparently, up to 8 out of 10 people who take the challenge give an incorrect answer. Can you determine who owns the dog?

Riddle: Who is the real owner of the dog?

Do you consider yourself an observant and logical person? Then you should like this tricky test. In the image below you can see three men sitting in a cafe while a dog is behind the glass. Due to the ban on animals on the premises, animals are not allowed inside. All he can do is wait patiently for his guardian to come out and they continue their journey.

Although leaving animals unattended in front of a store, cafe or other service premises is not a recommended solution, which can involve not only a significant financial penalty, but also a risk to the life and health of the animal. animal, for virtual entertainment purposes, turn a blind eye to that and concentrate on solving the puzzle. .

Only one of the three men is the dog’s real owner. Who do you think it is? To solve this logic puzzle, simply look carefully at the image below.

Riddle Which men REAL owner dog

Who can own a dog? The man sitting closest to the window to keep an eye on the animal? A person in a smart outfit with a laptop who could work as a veterinarian? Or perhaps a guest at a café who discovers the secrets of good dog training? Before sharing the correct answer, strain your eyes and look carefully at everything in the illustration to find out who the dog really belongs to.

A tricky riddle is causing problems for Internet users. Up to 8 in 10 people can’t solve it

If you are still struggling to give a clear answer, we have an important tip for you: pay attention to one element that is an integral part of walks with your four-legged family member.

For those who still have doubts, here is the solution to the riddle: the dog’s owner is the man in the middle. For what ? The more observant probably had no problem seeing the dog’s leash, which the owner keeps under the table. It is the same color as the animal’s collar.

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