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They Left The Car Door Open And A Stray Dog Jumped In And Got Adopted

A stray dog sees the door of a strange car open and immediately jumps inside for help and finds a new family.

Bill was on his way home to Missouri (United States) after a trip to Arkansas, when he stopped at a rest stop. He decided to leave the car running and its door open, but he never imagined what he would find on his return; a stray dog was sitting in the front seat.

The stray dog turned out to be a puppy that was in very poor condition; very thin and you could see her bones. Bill offered her a treat, which was all she had at the time, and the poor little dog devoured her immediately.

Seeing the state she was in, Bill thought the dog was seeking help.

Angela Shaver

She seemed to be very anxious and scared, so he decided that he would take her home with him. Together with his wife Angela, they often help stray animals.

Bill wrote a message to his wife telling what had happened along with a photograph of his new route partner. She agreed and looked forward to meeting the little girl.

Angela said to The Dodo:

“I asked him what our new dog was called, we decided to call her ‘River’ because of where he found her.”

Angela Shaver

When Bill and River arrived home, Angela and her son were waiting to meet the new member of their family, but the dog refused to get out of the car, it seems that she felt safe there.

Bill helped her out and wanted to introduce her to her new siblings, three dogs and a cat, and to make the process less stressful for River, Bill introduced them one by one.

Angela Shaver

Angela added:

“Once everyone decided she was fine, he [Bill] took her to bathe. It was covered in mud, blood, and ticks. After it was dried and some ticks were removed, it got a good meal. Bill made her a bed on the floor of our room next to the heater. She slept there all night “.

The next day River toured her new home a little, played with the other pets for a while but kept an eye on her new parents, she was comfortable with her new family. They think that she could possibly have a home before ending up on the streets.

Angela Shaver

Angela says:

“We had an accident at the house the first night, but it was near the door. She had to leave, but she didn’t know how to tell us.”

On the visit to the vet, the family discovered that River had parasites; heartworm disease and injuries to her neck and face, which looked like the aftermath of some fight. The vet gave her some medications and the dog was calm all the time, seemed to understand everything that was going on and was very grateful.

Angela Shaver

Little by little River has adapted to her new life. She still feels insecure at times; she doesn’t use toys much and is reserved when playing with her siblings. But everything is a process and her family is happy with each other.

Angela says:

“She runs in the yard and doesn’t chase anything with Winston, sits down to eat cookies with Ginger and hogs the bed with Butters. The cat was very unhappy during the first days, but is finally accepting it “.

For River there is no doubt that her best decision was to get into Bill’s car, and her family is very grateful for it, now she has a new life.



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