Rosie, The Kitten Who Was Rescued And Raised By The Huskies

rosie cat saves bred huskies

This is one of those stories that have become viral on the web because it’s something special, and is particularly touching.

This husky named Lilo adopts a three-week-old kitten who had no hope of surviving.

This dog named Lilo and her brothers adopt a three-week-old kitten who had no hope of survival. Lilo is very affectionate and lives in a house full of animals, she has two dog brothers, a couple of kittens and a few rabbits, not to mention her humans.

Lilo’s big family has a new member, a rescue kitten who needed a little special attention. Rosie is a little kitten who was in a bad state, about to die, when she showed up at Lilo’s.

Rescuers tried to feed her every two hours throughout the day, but Rosie refused to drink milk. She was on the verge of death when the friendly husky took an interest in the little girl.

A kitten who was rescued and raised by the Huskies

dog adopts kitten

Lilo’s mother explained on Instagram:

“She almost didn’t survive the first night. She was lethargic and lazy; we constantly took care of her. So, we decided to take a chance and let her snuggle up to Lilo.”

The woman continued:

“Miraculously, Lilo has become a complete mother to Rosie. She even encourages her to go to the bathroom (it shocked me a lot). Since then, Rosie has felt much better and has opened her eyes.”

husky dog adopts kitten

Lilo and the kitten reunited in the hope that the dog could help her in some way. But Lilo did even more than expected; Besides taking care of her, she showered Rosie with love and affection and lots of hugs.

husky adopts kitten

Lilo and Rosie have become inseparable. The dog has never had any puppies but it’s clear she doesn’t care at all that her new pup is a kitten.

dogs adopt kitten

With the help of Lilo and her mother, little Rosie grew stronger and stronger.

husky and kitten
huskies and kitten

Theirs is something very special, because they definitely share a lot of love. And thanks to her doggie mom, Rosie has even started copying some canine habits.

Lilo and Rosy kitten

Some photos on Instagram show Rosie panting like a dog, walking on a leash and sharing with the rest of the pack, she’s now an adult cat and gets along great with her family.

You can follow the adventures of Lilo and her siblings on Instagram.

Lilo The Husky : Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter


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