Rosie, the cat saved and raised by the Huskies


This is one of those stories that have become viral on the web because it’s something special, and is particularly touching.

3 Huskies best friends rescued cat Rosie Lilo

This is the story of Rosie, a little kitten found in very poor condition and unconditionally received by Lilo, a very affectionate Husky who had a lot of maternal instinct to share.

Rosie was found in an unfortunate situation, and no one knew if this little kitten was going to live, but with Lilo she seemed to relax, so her owners left her alone with her.

Miraculously, after a week of intensive care from the Husky, the kitten started walking and opened his eyes.

The kitten grew up, and currently lives with three Husky dogs, who accept him as an extra animal to their pack, although his mother is still Lilo, with whom she has a close relationship.

You can see his adventures in the park and great videos on his Instagram, but there are also so funny pictures that we share here with you.

Her Instagram account, @lilothehusky, is full of photos of Rosie with her mother Lilo and their friends.

It should be noted that the Husky breed has a great hunting instinct. We can not always expect them to get along well with cats, but it is true that they are very sociable animals and that they generally adapt to everything.

Lilo, the Husky, remains a very special case, she who has never been a mother before, but whose maternal instinct woke up when she met the little kitten.

Rosie is a mother, and the family is getting bigger.

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