A Rottweiler And A Panther Rescued From A Zoo Become Best Friends

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

In the animal kingdom there are many adorable and unlikely friendships, such as the one that has recently been known on different social networks between a Rottweiler and a panther, a friendship that goes beyond what is imaginable.

Luna the panther was born in a Siberian zoo and for some unknown reason was rejected by her mother, who refused to feed and care for her. Due to this situation, Luna’s chances of survival were very slim, but luckily an amazing woman was able to help her.

Victoria, 31, is a woman with plenty of experience caring for big cats, so she knew exactly what the adorable panther needed.

A rottweiler and a panther create an unlikely friendship

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

When he arrived at the zoo, he found that the little feline was very hungry and lacking in many vital nutrients, so he decided to intervene. The woman created a special diet that contained many vitamins that the animal desperately needed to survive, in addition, she took care of it constantly.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

Victoria visited the zoo every day in order to provide Luna with what she needed to survive; after a few months, Luna became very healthy. After going through the difficult process, the woman grew attached to Luna and decided to buy her from the zoo to give her a better life.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

The initial idea was to take her home to adopt her and introduce her to her pet Venza (Rottweiler dog), so they could become friends. After a long introduction process and after making sure the two animals got along well, a beautiful friendship began to blossom.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

Now Luna and Venza have formed a somewhat unlikely but true and special friendship, they are inseparable and have become best friends.

They always play and explore the world together, and without a doubt, this friendship has become one of the most adorable relationships on the Internet.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

The woman who takes care of the animals decided to share the beautiful relationship on different social networks, which was a success, and they have already managed to capture thousands of followers, making her a very popular public figure on the Internet. .

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

On his Instagram account he already has more than 2.6M followers, on TikTok he has more than 9.5M fans and on YouTube he has more than 1.83M subscribers .

Victoria takes advantage of the fame of her animals to let people know that she has a lot of experience in caring for these types of wild animals. Additionally, he warns people not to do this if they don’t have the proper experience, as they need special care and nourishment.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

From that side, everyone can be sure that Luna is in good hands and that she will never lack anything in her life.

Luna is now almost 10 months old and weighs around 20.9 kilograms. his development and behavior were impressive, but all thanks to Victoria.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

Without forgetting that Venza played a very important role in his development, because in addition to being his best friend, she is his adoptive sister.

The panther is being trained to learn a few tricks, but Victoria assures that it’s not for entertainment.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

Victoria commented on Instagram:

“I’ll show you our classes, we’re just getting started, so don’t judge me too harshly!”

The woman says that this type of training is necessary for Luna, as it teaches her to be patient and learns to listen to her human.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

Victory added:

“All cats, especially large ones, have incredible intelligence and since they live next to a person, they don’t need to think about hunting, strategy or survival.”

The truth is that Luna has become one more member of her family and her sweet friendship with Venza will be forever.

rottweiler rescued panther best friend

If you want to follow Luna through her various social networks, you can do so on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

Images: Instagram / luna_the_pantera

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