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The sad result of years of canine neglect. Seeing him after the metamorphosis is breathtaking

Barney was neglected by his owners for years. He needed immediate help because he could barely move around on his own. The RSPCA rescuers didn’t hesitate for a moment, although the sight of a dog with such a dirty, matted coat was shocking. What was hidden underneath surprised everyone.

The dog had been neglected for a long time. His appearance shocked rescuers

Every dog, regardless of breed, needs comprehensive and properly selected care. If the owner does not take care of his pet’s coat, the consequence will not only be a messy appearance, but also many health consequences. Barney unfortunately experienced this first hand. His guardians didn’t take care of his fur for a year and a half because they thought his breed, the Russian Terrier, could do without it. They couldn’t be more wrong.

When RSPCA rescuers first saw Barney, it was hard for them to believe there was a living creature beneath the layers of tangles and matted fur. The dog needed immediate help. The strands of hair caused him unimaginable pain and he carried a huge burden resulting from months of neglect.

The dog lost several kilos of hair. It has undergone a radical metamorphosis

The RSPCA team had to act immediately. Barney was bathed and groomed for several hours. His fur was dirty and matted. Rescuers were unable to untangle the tangles without causing pain to the animal, so the only solution was to shave off all of its hair. His body lost almost 8 additional kilos.

sad result of years of canine neglect

When the thick layer of fur disappeared, Barney’s gentle face appeared, expressing indescribable relief. However, this was only the first step towards the dog’s full recovery. Rescuers had to give him special care until his fur grew back. When this happened, it was hard to believe what he looked like just a few weeks ago. Barney has undergone a metamorphosis that will take Internet users’ breath away.

sad result of years of canine neglect

The dog has undergone a huge metamorphosis. It’s hard to believe she looks like this now

After RSPCA rescuers freed Barney from almost 8 kilograms of matted fur, the dog began to slowly recover. His fur grew back and Barney’s zest for life and energetic nature returned. Today he lives in an animal hotel and will soon be ready for adoption. Even though he’s had some difficult experiences in life, his fur no longer resembles the big ball of dirty fur that covered every inch of his body until recently.

Barney underwent a huge transformation that saved his life. Today, the dog is looking forward to joining a new home, full of love and care, where the owners will know how to take good care of him.

sad result of years of canine neglect

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