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A Samoyed’s adorable reaction when he meets an orphaned kitten in need of comfort – video

A dog became a nanny to a kitten who desperately needed to find a mother figure after losing her mother. Their adorable encounter is captured in a video that quickly went viral on TikTok, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days.

The dog in question is a Samoyed named Kaya. Bernard the kitten needed her more than ever to feel safe. This tabby kitten was only 3 weeks old when she found herself alone, without her mother and the rest of the litter.

Kaya owners act as temporary families for lost and vulnerable young felines. They knew they could count on the dog to help them fit in and comfort them, and it didn’t disappoint them at all.

Samoyed adorable reaction meets orphaned kitten
Tiktok @kayaandbernie

The video first shows the first meeting. We see Kaya adopting the typical posture which combines curiosity and invitation to play with the dogs; the front of the body is flat, the back is raised, the ears are erect, small jumps backwards and to the side, tail wagging… In front of you, little Bernard is visibly still afraid. He has bristly fur and an erect tail, but he is still likely to approach a female dog.

The series then continues with images full of tenderness, where Kaya monitors and cares for the kitten. Bernie couldn’t have asked for a better brother. Kaya takes this role very seriously and seems happy to finally have a little brother.

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