They pulled the cat out of the gutter, but noticed it couldn’t close its mouth. There was a sharp object stuck inside

save feline surgical operation 5000 euros was necessary

Feral cats need shelter and food to survive, which is not always easy. While looting garbage, they sometimes swallow objects that threaten their health and even their lives. So was the black cat called Beastie. The animal was seen with a metal spike in its mouth.

The described situation occurred in the capital and largest city of the US state of Hawaii. The cat had been through hell for several months until her paths crossed with local animal rescuers.

The black cat swallowed a metal spike

Beastie was first spotted by people feeding a colony of feral cats at Central Oahu Regional Park in Honolulu. The volunteers did not miss a disturbing detail in the animal’s appearance, namely the slightly gaping mouth, from which a metal spike protruded. The animal most likely swallowed it by accident while eating leftovers from nearby dumpsters. A sharp object lodged in his mouth, causing him pain and preventing him from functioning normally.

Rescuers immediately rushed to save the stray cat, but he got scared and ran in the opposite direction. Despite the organization of a search, the animal disappeared for more than two months.

In October, Beastie returned to the area and this time securing the stray was successful. The spike was successfully removed, although it caused irreversible changes in the position of the animal’s jaw. Beastie was unable to fully open her mouth, much less close it. There was no doubt that his condition required urgent consultation with a veterinarian.

Beastie suffered an injury to the left side of his jaw

Beastie was cared for by workers at the Cat People shelter in Oahu. The necessary examinations were carried out at the veterinary clinic and the jaw x-rays showed an injury to the left joint.

“The antibiotics and anti-inflammatories didn’t help him regain his full range of motion. Poor Beastie’s mouth was only open 1.5cm and he ate a meal in 20-45 minutes. C It was so tiring for him! – reports representatives of the stray animal shelter.

Soon a decision was made to carry out the operation, which was valued at 2,000 dollars. Although the organization had been in a financial hole for a long time, they were willing to incur any expense just to help the injured service.

“He deserves a normal life, even if he can never fully open his mouth,” Beastie’s guardians argued.

Beastie has remained a sweet and lovable pet, despite the sad past

Before the decision was made to put the feline patient on the operating table, the vet performed a CT scan of Beastie’s jaw, which showed there was nothing in the way of performing the procedure.

Then the cat and its guardians went to the dentist for a complicated and very expensive operation. He had a large part of his left jaw removed, but in the end, everything went well and he was able to dine with an appetite the same evening.

Beastie’s veterinary care totaled more than 5,000 dollars, but a significant portion of the costs incurred at the veterinary clinic were covered by donors. Soon the kitten moved to its new home, where it regained its vigor and well-being. The good news is also that some dry food has also started to land in his bowl, which he previously couldn’t have chewed on his own.

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