He used his hot coffee to save 3 kittens stuck in the ice [VIDEO]

save kittens frozen ice coffee

A video that has gone viral and has moved thousands of users because it shows the exact moment a man sees three little cats trapped in the snow and saves their lives with its swift action. The tender fact did not take long to become a trend in various social networks.

Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian citizen, was tasked with locating the felines, which were trapped in the ground in a rural area near the town of Drayton Valley, Alberta. The man decided to record all the time with his cell phone and then share it on Facebook and other internet platforms.

save kittens frozen ice coffee

In the opening seconds of the video that has gone viral, you can see how Diwisch notices these three animals with their hind legs and tails glued to the ice. Instantly one of the cats manages to break free, however, the other two do not have the same fate, so the man decides to help them.

save kittens frozen ice coffee

A brief moment later, Kendall walks over to her car for a hot cup of coffee and heads back to the felines. Immediately pour the drink over the ice to free the cats. Finally, he releases them all and places them safely in his vehicle.

Watch the viral Facebook video

After this clip went viral on Facebook, thousands of people became interested in adopting small animals and, thanks to the “Cause for Critters” shelter, they were able to find a family and a new home.

Kendall Diwisch shared footage of the trio of cats with their new owners, leading to many internet users praising him for saving the cats from near-certain death.

The man later wrote on Facebook that the cats have gone to their new home, where they will be together. “All three eat and drink with a lot of energy,” he added.

Images: Kendall Diwisch / Cause for Critters

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