A Scared Dog Goes Nowhere Without His Little Blanket

scared dog goes nowhere without blanket

This adorable scared dog can’t go anywhere without his fluffy little blanket

Shauna Halstad is the proud mother of an adorable but somewhat cowardly puppy named Flynn. She says her 110-pound Newfoundland dog is a very scary boy who knows how to entertain her with his weird happenings to face his fears.

Flynn’s adoptive mother knows full well that there is one thing that helps her face her fears and that is her blanket. And it is that for a little over a year and a half, the fur blankets of this frightened dog have accompanied him everywhere.

Shauna told The Dodo:

He hates boxes, darkness, bags, he is afraid of our cat who is saved without teeth and without claws. He is very afraid of his own shadow.

A scared dog goes nowhere without his blanket

Adorable scared dog

Shauna remembers that when she first brought the little blanket home, she never imagined that her big dog would become so attached to her.

She told:

I bought one at the dollar store, it was supposed to clean his legs. He immediately decided it was up to him to hold on. He started taking her over and over and even wanted to take her for a walk. Had to go back and buy more. He catches her as soon as she wakes up and drags her around the house and into the yard.

Naughty puppy

For many, it might just be a small, irrelevant blanket, but for Flynn, this blanket means so much more and gives him the security he so badly needs to face his fears.

These types of fur blankets provide spooky fur comfort and help her to be brave enough to go out.

Scared dog and his little blanket

Although Flynn is much larger than the rabbits and squirrels that constantly visit his garden, he is terrified of them and the blankets help him feel the security he needs to put a paw in the grass every few minutes a day.

Shauna ensures:

He protests having to walk without his blanket. He likes to stack them in piles.

Dog and his favorite blanket

Without a doubt, the lovable Flynn brings so much joy to his family’s life that they are happy that he has found something that has also made him feel safe.

Finally, Shauna said:

Life is definitely not boring with him. He’s an old soul in a puppy’s body, and he’s taught us all to slow down and enjoy the moment, especially the puppy’s cuddles.

Images: hauna Halstad

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