She saw a neighbor walking towards the fence. She secretly recorded what she does with her dogs, it gives us goosebumps

secretly recorded neighbor dogs

Kimberly Hanberry Shelton witnessed a scene that greatly impressed her. The owner of two golden retrievers, Charlie and Doug, has repeatedly caught her neighbor interacting with her dogs. The relationship between the old man and the animals captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Kimberly posted a video she took from home. An event that occurred in his field of vision particularly caught his attention. It shows a 94-year-old neighbor approaching the fence, carrying something in his hand.

A woman secretly recorded what a neighbor was doing with her pets

Kimberly and her family are very lucky to have two golden retrievers in their care. Charlie and Doug live in a single-family home in North Carolina, where they have a fenced yard. They often play on sunny grass and their antics can be observed through an open window or door.

One day, the dog’s owner noticed that the interest in golden retrievers had also spread to an elderly man living in the neighborhood. Considering cases of poisoning animals or throwing sausages stuffed with sharp objects, she initially had doubts about the old man’s intentions and remained vigilant. But after a while, she realizes that this old man loves animals and can’t help but show them tenderness.

The old man befriended the dogs behind the fence

From the recording posted online, we learn that the Handberrys’ neighbor is 94-year-old Mr. Bill. Even if the old man can’t afford to adopt his own pet, there’s nothing stopping him from passing on his boundless sympathy for animals to the neighbors’ dogs.

Mr. Bill has made a habit of welcoming golden retrievers and giving them little treats. He brings them treats, which he distributes in equal amounts between the two animals so that neither of them feels hurt. The old man didn’t want to miss the daily ritual, but for 2 days it was raining heavily in the area and Charlie and Doug didn’t want to go out. So as soon as the sun came out, Mr. Bill ran into his garden and called the dogs who had come to look for treats on the fence.

– The world needs more people like Mr. Bill – a recording documenting the friendship between the old man and the golden retrievers has been signed.

@kimberlyhanberry Mr. Bill for president 🥹 #fyp #goldenretriever #southcarolina #ditl #trending #treat #wholesome #feelings ♬ You're My Best Friend – Acoustic – Paul Canning

It is undeniable that this vision can be touching, and at the same time it constitutes a perfect example of the close friendship between man and animal. It is no coincidence that some retirement homes regularly accept cats or dogs for the well-being of their residents!

Having pets extends our lives

Animals and humans have been able to live together for centuries. Already around 120,000 years ago, the life of primitive man was inextricably linked to that of animals and depended on their world. It is often said that the dog is man’s best friend. Can the mere presence of pets protect us from certain diseases? Of course!

Spending time with pets, regardless of species, has a beneficial effect on both the well-being and the health of older people who often lack companionship and interaction with others. Playing with your pet lowers high blood pressure and reduces the release of cortisol, which calms and stimulates the human immune system. As a result, we can avoid a heart attack or stroke – our chances increase by 30 percent.

Moreover, while caressing, cuddling, playing and being surrounded

By taking care of an animal, the human brain releases endogenous substances called endorphins, hormones of happiness. Pet therapy is worth trying in the case of elderly people who suffer from various illnesses, both physical and mental, because endorphins relieve pain and improve the well-being of the patient.

We hope Mr. Bill’s friendship with two dogs behind the fence brings them much health and joy!

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