Security camera captures dog rescuing his fallen baby brother in swimming pool


Dramatic moments when a dog saves his fallen baby brother in the swimming pool, were recorded by his family’s security camera

A charming elderly puppy named Chuck had a rough time that almost ended in tragedy while his parents were away from home. As he calmly walked through his family’s yard, he accidentally fell into the pool and couldn’t get out on his own. The dramatic moment was captured by the security camera.

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife came home and saw Chuck all wet, they decided to review the security camera recordings to find out what had happened and saw how Chuck was in the water for a while. just over half an hour, which led to Jessie helping her distressed little brother.

Security camera captures dog saving little brother

security camera catches dog saves swimming pool

The 13-year-old dog tried to get out of the water several times without success. Once Jessie realized her little brother was in trouble, she rushed to his side. The dog waited until the moment to pull Chuck out of the pool.

It took a little while, but eventually Jessie’s cunning and persistence in saving her brother was successful; she became a hero.

security camera catches dog saves swimming pool

The video made it very clear that without the help of his sister Jessie, Chuck could have drowned that day in the pool.

Byron, the father of the puppies, told the Dodo:

“We had no idea Jessie was a hero. I mean, she is a very adorable and affectionate bitch with a warm nature. But we never thought he had that hero streak. “

None of the dogs had fallen into the pool before. But now that the family has seen the great risk this poses to their pets, they plan to take steps to prevent another such incident from happening again.

For her part, Jessie receives a lot of pampering and treats for a heroine like her, and Chuck is doing quite well, he knows that with his sister, he will always be safe.

security camera catches dog saves swimming pool

Finally, his father said:

“She received a lot of treats, hugs and kisses, and she still receives a lot of attention and appreciation. She really likes Chuck. I always knew he was a special dog, and it proves it. “

Images: Byron Thanarayen