Security Guard Praised For Protecting Dog With Umbrella In The Rain

security guard protects dog rain

A security guard for a supermarket chain in Giffnock, Scotland (UK) has been recognized for a noble deed. The man named Ethan Dearman was on his shift outside stores when he was pictured holding an umbrella over a dog outside of supermarkets to protect him from the rain.

Mel Gracie, a Glasgow tattoo artist at the scene, decided to photograph the man’s action and posted the image on her Twitter account and wrote:

Applaud for that security man from @Morrisons keeping this good boy dry.” Well, you never know how dogs feel in the rain.

Security guard protects a dog from the rain

Security guard and dog

Many people responded to the post and it quickly reached over 20,000 retweets and over 149,000 likes. Users of the social network praised the keeper’s action with the golden retriever named Freddy and expressed that he deserves to be recognized for his gentle reaction to the animal.

A spokesperson for the Morrisons supermarket chain told LADbible:

It’s going to be a wet week, so we handed out 9,000 Morrisons umbrellas to keep our customers and their dogs dry. Good to see that this is already happening in our Giffnock store.

Security guard and rain dog

When Ethan saw his photo and how viral his gesture went, he shared and wrote a comment on the Twitter post:

I didn’t think I would go viral on Twitter like this. I knew I made people smile, but that’s a whole different thing, hahaha.

A security guard

David Cherry, Freddy’s father, also found out what had happened and thanked Ethan when he saw the image outside the supermarket on his Twitter account.

We all hope Ethan’s action is an example to replicate, Mel referring to his post on the adorable scene added:

He always has a conversation with customers online, which is nice, especially now that some people can be quite isolated. I shared this in the hopes Morrisons would see a good deed from a staff member, but I had no idea it would go that far!

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