Selecting a Labrador Puppy | Tips From The Experts


Labradors are one of the best known and most popular choices for dog lovers across several countries around the world. A well-trained Labrador puppy will be a loyal and playful friend and a reliable hunter (if a retriever) for its owner.

Selecting a Labrador Puppy
Find a well-bred Labrador puppy

When choosing a Labrador puppy, many questions must be taken into account. You have probably already wondered if the color of the laboratory affects the quality of the puppy you have chosen. You may also be wondering how to find a well behaved Labrador puppy. For these questions and more, you will find the answers in the following article.

Find a well-bred Labrador puppy

One of the most important things to look for in a Labrador puppy is: has he been raised well.

Authentic breeders will:

  • Be a member of a dog club.
  • Provide health records for each puppy.
  • Treat puppies frequently.
  • Socialize puppies (for example, puppies will not be afraid to play with you).
  • Also remove the dew claws from the puppies and provide them with their first vaccines at 6 weeks of age. Also subject the puppies to a 3-cycle deworming program to eliminate parasites.
  • Do not allow yourself to take the puppy until it is about 7 weeks old.
Selecting a Labrador Puppy
The beauty of a Labrador is often a primary attraction

Does color make a difference?

The beauty of a Labrador is often a primary attraction for dog owners. Labradors are available in several colors, chocolate, yellow (lighter yellow Labradors often appear white), silver or black. Some people claim that the Black Labradors are the best, but that is not true. When you buy a labrador puppy from a professional breeder, you must pay more attention to the genetics or the disposition of the puppy concerned than to its color. However, if you want a Labrador puppy for purely aesthetic reasons, do not hesitate to choose the color of your choice.

Choosing a Labrador Puppy with the Right Layout

When choosing a Labrador puppy, most new dog owners are looking for a dog that is both gentle and playful. Many well-intentioned people offer advice such as “Let the puppy choose you”. They say this assuming that the puppy that goes to you first is likely to be the puppy that would get on best with you. This is not necessarily true. This puppy is perhaps the most aggressive puppy in its litter. Aggressive puppies don’t make the best pets. Here are some tips for choosing your Labrador puppy:

Selecting a Labrador Puppy
Look for personality traits in the puppy you are looking for

Evaluate the entire litter

If you notice that the entire litter is shy or overly reserved, while there are one or two more “friendly” puppies, you should probably avoid this litter. The genetics found in this litter don’t match what you’re looking for. The same goes for an overactive litter.

Look for puppies that trust

Good breed puppies are curious and confident. Get the keys out of your car or make other noises. Do some of the puppies respond? Take this into consideration.

Look for personality traits in the puppy you are looking for

Ask yourself which puppies are bossy? Which are noisy? Which puppies are shy? Which ones are submitted? It is very likely that you choose a labrador puppy that does not bite or scratch when it interacts with the other puppies of its range, but can always interact and stand strong with the other puppies.