Senior Dog Is Glad His Family Takes Him To Their Favorite Place: The Vet

senior dog happy family carry vet

This charming senior dog is happy to be taken by his family to his favorite place, the vet’s office.

Buddy is a charming senior dog who loves to travel and always seems eager to jump into his family’s car for a day away from home. But, it seems, there is one place in particular that he appreciates more than any other in particular.

So when Buddy finds out he’s going to the vet, he can’t help but show everyone how eager he is to go.

Stephanie Trump, Buddy’s older sister, told The Dodo:

I asked Buddy if he wanted to go to the vet. When he realizes he’s there for an exam, he starts moaning. I’m not sure why Buddy likes to go there.

Senior dog loves going to the vet

lovely senior dog

After taking some time and thinking, Stephanie realized that her dear Buddy may be considering a long stay at the vet, which could be the reason for her reaction.

Stephanie says:

It’s a pretty small clinic, so they pretty much know him.

So as soon as Buddy arrives at the vet, the Lab mix usually gets lots of attention and treats from the clinic staff, which of course he loves.

The young woman added:

He’s a huge couch potato who is very food driven and loves to be petted.

Senior dog is happy to go to the vet

Buddy brings joy to everyone he meets, whether at the vet, on the go, or at home. The young woman says that the dog entered her family’s life for the first time by chance.

Stephanie recalls:

I have an autistic brother, and when we were kids we had a Labrador mix named Buddy. My brother kept saying he wanted another Lab named Buddy.

Dog enjoys visiting the vet

Finally, Stephanie said:

There was a yellow lab mix at the first kennel who saw my brother and he started to panic. The lady said his name was Butter, but they called him Butty for short. My brother thought it was a sign. It was an excuse to take him home immediately. But also, he gives unconditional love.

Images: Facebook / Stephanie Trump


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