Senior Dog Is Tied To A Sled And Left With A Heartbreaking 7-Word Note


A senior dog who could not walk, unfortunately was tied to a cart and abandoned in the company of a sad note

When you adopt or decide to have a dog, you make a commitment to look after its well-being for the rest of its life and to give them lots of love. However, there are people who do not understand this. Some people enjoy their pet when it is young and energetic, but when it comes time to take special care of them, they decide to abandon them.

They don’t want to deal with their senior dogs’ problems, and unfortunately, they make the worst decision for them.

It is truly heartbreaking to know that someone can abandon their best friend, and that they think that they are not worth the effort.

Old dog is tied to a sled and abandoned

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

Perry, a 10-year-old dog, was abandoned tied to a cart, with a sad note describing his disability.

One morning, workers from Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association, a shelter located in Cazenovia, New York, arrived at the facility to a sad surprise.

In front of the main entrance, there was a sleigh with something strange inside it, so they decided to get closer to inspect what it was about.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

After checking, they realized the heartbreaking truth, it was a little dog tied to the sled that had apparently been abandoned by someone. Apparently, they left him in this place the night before, accompanied by a cup of water and a note explaining the sad reality.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

The note read:

“More than 10 years. Can no longer walk.”

Despite the fact that he had been with his family for a decade and was medically dependent on them, they did not mind abandoning him and leaving him there. The poor dog was confused, he did not understand what was happening, and perhaps he wanted to go back to his family; but the truth was that he had been left alone.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

Fortunately, there are places like Wanderer’s Humane Associate, who immediately took the dog in need into their care and affectionately named him Perry.

Shelter employees were heartbroken to see the poor abandoned disabled dog, but would do their best to help him and change his quality of life.

Mason Groesbeck, coordinator of the rescue organization, told WSYR-TV:

“He couldn’t move. He was very sad”.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

They decided to take Perry to the vet for a general medical checkup, and while this was going on they posted a photo of the dog on Facebook. They hoped that someone could recognize it and, in this way, find the whereabouts of its previous owners to initiate a judicial process.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

The Facebook post read:

“If anyone recognizes this dog, please contact us as soon as possible. They left him outside our shelter at some point in the night tied to the sled, that is abandonment.”

In addition, the shelter took advantage of the publication to raise awareness and commented: “If someone cannot take care of their pet, we can help them directly, it is not necessary to abandon it.”

It is a very cruel and inhuman act for any animal, especially if it can no longer walk or has any other disability.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

Perry’s story was also used to raise funds to pay for all the medical treatments he needed to recover and continue his life. In no time, Perry broke the hearts of thousands of people on the Internet, who did not understand how someone had left him to his fate.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

Donations started pouring in from everywhere, and the doctors soon raised the money needed to cover the treatments so they could help him walk again.

The generosity of the people helped Perry a lot. With a little love, care, medication, and physical therapy, he slowly learned to walk again.

The following days Perry made good progress in his recovery, and was taken in by his physical therapist, who has reportedly spoiled him with many toys.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

On the other hand, they managed to identify Perry’s previous owner, and he has been accused of not offering veterinary care, although the investigation is ongoing.

As Perry’s recovery continues, the animal shelter posts updates to Facebook to keep interested people up to date. In addition, they always take advantage of Perry’s story, to remind everyone about the care and responsibility that should be taken with a pet.

senior dog tied Heartbreaking abandoned note

Perry received the help he needed and, when he is ready, he will be put up for adoption, but for now he is enjoying his foster home life.

Photos: Susie Schond-Salvage