She secretly recorded what her father was doing with a stray cat in the garage. Internet users have no doubts about the judgment

She secretly recorded father doing stray cat garage

The world is full of cat lovers. Many fans of this species openly declare their love for purring quadrupeds. However, there are also people who say directly that they are animals that they do not want to have in their environment. They are usually men who react with extremely negative emotions to the very idea of adopting a cat. A netizen managed to catch the father, who always swore he hated cats, interacting with a homeless cat. His behavior sparked a huge reaction among viewers of the video.

He said he hated cats

For some reason, some men stubbornly say they don’t like cats. At the mere thought of a stray cat in the house, they catch white fever and can immediately come up with hundreds of reasons why the animal cannot live with it under one roof.

This pattern of approaching cats was well known to a girl. His father had been saying for years that he hated cats and wanted nothing to do with them. It turned out that the man turns his beliefs into actions that no one in the family expected of him. Of course, he only does this when he’s convinced no one is watching.

His daughter caught him in the garage with a stray cat

The daughter of a self-described anti-cat caught him in the garage doing something no one expected him to do.

It was raining and a ginger cat, which had been wandering the area for a long time, approached the man. Everyone in the neighborhood knew he was homeless. It turned out that the cat came to the garage not only to hide from the rain. The redhead was not at all afraid of the man. On the contrary, he even let himself be touched.

The daughter recorded the whole situation and then shared the video on social media to show how her father, who has repeatedly said in his life that he hates cats, behaved.

She secretly recorded father doing stray cat garage
Image: reddit

Internet users admit to knowing this scheme well

Internet users were not surprised by the reaction of the declared opponent of cats at the sight of a hungry tomcat. On the contrary, many people have admitted that they know this scheme very well.

Apparently, in every family there is someone who doesn’t want to admit they love cats, and deep down they are a real cat lover. Many people were happy to joke about people who only like cats when no one is watching:

“Now this cat belongs to your father”;

“I’m pretty sure it’s her cat now.” Congratulations to the beautiful redhead!”;

“When people say ‘I hate cats’, they’re really ashamed to admit they’ve never had a cat before”;

“I bet he even invented a name for her.”

My dad looking after a stray cat in our area. Turns up every day so my dad has gone out and bought cat food and treats…. this is a man that “hates cats” ladies and gentlemen. ❤️
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