She thought she had bought a cute husky puppy. She showed what happened to him and the results of the DNA tests

She thought she had bought a cute husky puppy
TikTok / thebravebalto

The dog, which resembles a Siberian husky, came to their family as an adorable puppy. It wasn’t long before the couple began to suspect they had been deceived. The animal was growing at an alarming rate and looked less and less like the breed of his dreams. Eventually, they got tired of the constant speculation from their loved ones and decided to take a serious step. The DNA test aimed to determine the breed of the animal that grew up with their child.

They adopted a husky puppy. His metamorphosis made them suspicious

Balto was like any normal dog. He arrived to his family as a small, furry mascot-like creature, and his guardians were assured it was a Siberian husky puppy. He was surrounded by love and care on all sides, and his owners bragged about the pet’s every step on TikTok.

Like any puppy, he had to grow up one day. It changed more and more until there was no trace of the fluffy ball. In short videos, the Balto family showed how the puppy became a completely different animal.

Oh my God, he’s grown! – Balto’s guards were surprised.

She thought she had bought a cute husky puppy
TikTok / thebravebalto

They thought their dog was a purebred husky. DNA test results showed how wrong they were

Even an unobservant person would become suspicious if they saw Balto’s transformation. The animal actually looked like a Siberian husky, but there were details that kept his family up at night. Especially with a small child at home, the couple had to be careful. They wanted to make sure their offspring grew up with a gentle dog. Over time, the number of educational problems caused by the stubborn animal has increased.

To remove any doubts, the couple decided to have the dog genetically tested. They had doubts about whether their husky was truly 100% representative of this breed, and when they received the results, everything became clear.

Balto was definitely not a purebred husky. The genetic similarity with dogs of this breed was only 14.8%. His DNA consisted largely of the characteristics of an Alaskan Malamute, often confused with a Husky, and 17.5% of a German Shepherd. However, it was not the dominant race. In fact, the domestic dog wasn’t even the main species in the results.

The graph couldn’t be wrong and it showed that Balto was 39% a gray wolf. An additional 5.8% of the Samoyed had to be added to the explosive mixture, which was also on the list.

The family was shocked. They couldn’t believe they had been so deceived. They had to make a difficult decision about what to do with the animal. Did the wolf-dog hybrid pose a threat to their child?

@thebravebalto Baltos DNA results for those asking! He’s not a full or half wolf nor a husky! #puppiesoftiktok #wolfdogs#wolfhybrid ♬ Happy Doggooooooo – Ladyandtheblues

Not such a terrible wolf. The couple breathed a sigh of relief when they made their decision.

The family grew attached to Balto, and the fact that he had a wolf component in his blood didn’t bother them at all. They decided to raise him like any other dog. Balto loved playing with other dogs, especially those in the water, and loved chasing the ball. His positive attitude brought joy to everyone around him and his howls evoked respect from all surrounding animals.

The owners were not afraid of the wolf mixture it contained. The animal turned out to be an ideal nanny for their child and an irreplaceable member of the family. They couldn’t imagine life without Balto and were happy that their love for the animal overcame the fear they felt when they first learned of the genetic testing results.

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