An elderly woman is afraid of the neighbor’s pit bull, changes her mind when the kind dog saves her life

pitbull simba neighbor Arjanit Mehana Sweden

Simba is a dog who became known thanks to his adorable personality and a heroic act in which he saved an old woman in danger.

Simba is a very sweet and friendly pit bull who won the hearts of those who know him, leaving aside the prejudices that have developed about the breed, like his neighbor, who was afraid of him until the day he saved his life.

The dog lives in an apartment in Sweden with his adoptive father Arjanit Mehana, and the older woman lives in a lower floor.

Mehana always tried to greet her with Simba when he met her, but she was very cold and looked at the dog in terror.

One day, when Mehana and Simba returned home after a walk, they passed by the neighbor’s apartment and, as they climbed the stairs, Simba began to act in a rather abnormal manner.

From one moment to the next, he stopped and started to bark and run for the door. Although the man pulled the leash, he did not obey.

Mehana must have dared to pick it up and it was then that he noticed a slight noise coming from inside.

Mehana told the Dodo:

“I heard a weak voice cry for help. She said, “Please don’t go.”

The man saw that the door was between open and did not hesitate to enter, then found the woman lying on the floor. She had broken her hip, gone unnoticed for two long days, unable to move.

Simba found her just in time and Mehana asked for an ambulance. When the woman returned home, she could not ignore her hero and thanked her.

Mehana said:

“She said, ‘Thank you for helping me.” At first I thought she was talking to me. But she was talking to Simba. “

This pit bull she was so afraid of turned out to be the sweetest of all.

The woman is recovering and other residents of the building have also recognized Simba’s bravery with treats and gifts.

He deserves all the compliments in the world because he is a real hero. Mehana hopes that her dog’s actions will help a lot to understand that the breed does not make Pit Bulls of dangerous animals.

Mehana said:

“We, as human beings, must deserve their loyalty and their love.”

Photos: Arjanit Mehana

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