Video: She Was Walking Her Dog, Suddenly Two “Aggressors” Rushed At Them. No One Feels Responsible

she was walking her dog two aggressors rushed at them

It may seem that a walk with a dog around the estate cannot end in anything extraordinary. It turns out, however, that the woman who went out with her pet lived through real moments of horror. A recording has been made available on the DOGS Facebook page, where the exact moment two “attackers” rushed at them can be seen. Without it, hardly anyone would believe it actually happened.

She went for a walk with the dog, she never thought what would happen to him

On DOGS’ Facebook profile linked to the topic of dog training, a recording appeared, which was shared by one of the trainers’ clients. According to specialists in the field of dog training in the field of obedience, civil protection and scent detection, they have published them for preventive and informative purposes.

Surveillance video shows a woman walking her pet. As if nothing had happened with him on the sidewalk. The animal, of course, is kept on a leash and sniffs nearby bushes. At some point, something happens that no pet owner would expect.

Two “attackers” appeared right next to them

Suddenly, two cats run towards the woman who is walking her dog. It wouldn’t be surprising if they didn’t fall for the accompanying dog with all their might. It is easy to deduce that they pounced on him with their claws. Unfortunately, it is difficult to guess what caused such aggressive behavior in them.

The dog’s owner tried to drive off the attacking animals in every possible way. In doing so, she moved away in the opposite direction to that from which the “attackers” had come. Eventually, they managed to escape.

“Cat owners don’t feel responsible for keeping animals under control”

According to the information provided in the entry, cat owners do not feel responsible for caring for their pets. They think “he’s a cat, and calm too”. City police were also called to the scene. The officers, in turn, were to inform that the requirement to keep animals on a leash only applies to dogs.

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