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She went home and looked at the cat’s neck. She couldn’t believe this was happening

The woman left her cats in the care of her partner. When she returned home, only one of them greeted her. The surprised young woman couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She couldn’t have done otherwise. The man knew that he loved his cats more than anything in the world.

He loves his cats more than anything

When a new partner comes into our lives, we hope that they will fully accept the pet we have. We cannot imagine that we will have to choose either love or our pet. We even expect our pet to show affection to the person we choose. This helps us to ensure that we have made the right choice. Unfortunately, the animal does not always manage to get along with its new lover. When this happens, things can get very complicated.

Nothing indicated that the love story between Sage and Jakob would end like this. The young girl in love fully trusted her new partner. She had to leave and therefore left her beloved cats in her care. She didn’t expect the man to use her pet to achieve his goals.

She trusted her partner. Where did the other cat go?

The girl returned home. She expected her two cats to greet her at the door. It was their usual ritual. However, only one of them greeted her in the hall. Worried, she quickly goes looking for the cat. The eager boy welcomed her with flowers and chocolates. When she asked her boyfriend about the animal, he quickly told her that he must have accidentally locked her in the bedroom.

The couple went to the bedroom together. The girl’s heart broke when she saw her second cat. However, she noticed something worrying about her neck. The cat wore a completely different collar. However, before she could check what was happening, the animal slipped between her legs and headed towards the kitchen. As soon as the woman caught up with her pet and took a closer look, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She went home and looked at the cat neck
@Sage Horn

The cat helped his partner implement his plan

Her beloved cat had a new collar with a special pendant around her neck. The woman completely forgot that it was Valentine’s Day that day. And that’s how her partner decided to propose to her. The heart-shaped pendant was engraved with the question “Will you marry me?”

She went home and looked at the cat neck
@Sage Horn

The boy got along intelligently with his cats. He knew the girl couldn’t see the world beyond them. Fortunately, the cat didn’t mind being the messenger of the good news. The captivated girl could not refuse. The man took a ring out of his pocket and proposed in person.

“Honey, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and your cats,” said the emotional man.

Delighted by her boyfriend’s idea, the girl was very concerned about the situation and accepted the proposal. She knew she had made a good choice.

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