Shelter Builds Cozy Cabins So Dogs Don’t Live In Cages

shelter builds cabins dogs without cage

This shelter called Luvable Dog Rescue builds cabins for homeless dogs. The earth has forests, meadows and trails where dogs can live as if they were in a normal house, because most dogs get depressed when they are in a shelter, at Luvable they try to make sure that these animals are in an environment as similar as possible to a house.

Located in Oregon, USA is Luvable Dog Rescue, which has 55 acres of beautiful land for dogs, most of which are rescued pit bulls. The shelter builds cabins for homeless dogs. The land has forests, meadows and paths where the dogs can live as if they were in a normal house.

Away from the forest, there are small huts for rescue dogs. They each have their own private cabana and outdoor space to run around.

Interiors look like they were built for humans, as they include furniture, dog beds, artwork, and windows with lovely views of the woods.

Shelter in the forest
Shelter with cabins

Welcoming environments allow staff to better understand how dogs behave in their potential forever homes.

pit bull shelter

Liesl Wilhardt, founder of Luvable Dog Rescue, has always loved pit bulls and decided to turn that passion into a magical place to comfort homeless dogs.

Luvable Dog Rescue

Normal kennels are notorious for causing dogs to act very differently than they would in familiar surroundings, which often makes animals feel like they can’t be adopted.

Dog cabins at the shelter

Liesl Wilhardt said:

A lot of dogs go down once they’re in a shelter. It’s a very stressful environment.

We wanted to provide them with as welcoming and comfortable an environment as possible.

Shelter builds cabins so dogs don’t live in cages

The rescue center also houses smaller dogs, but they are in another house in the main building.

Dogs at Luvable Dog Rescue

Since pit bulls tend to stay sheltered for an extended period of time, she thought it best for them to provide them with as home-like an environment as possible.

Luvable Dog

The ultimate goal is to make your stay as comfortable and welcoming as possible while the dogs are better prepared for a family environment.

Images: Luvable Dog Rescue

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