Shelter Dog Helps Teenage Girl With Anxiety Attack And She Adopts Him

shelter dog comforts anxious teen adopts

this kind shelter dog comforts anxious teenage girl in the middle of an anxiety attack and she adopts him.

An adorable dog was found abandoned to his fate by a kind-hearted person running down a street in Charleston, Virginia. This person immediately picked up the animal and took it to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association so they could provide the help it needed.

Rescue center staff originally named the dog Picasso after the famous painter, but thanks to a typo that caused the shelter’s system to miss an “s” in his name, he became Picasso. The adorable dog wasn’t wearing a collar, wasn’t microchipped and no one showed up to take him home.

Immediately everyone at the shelter discovered that Picasso was a very sweet and loving boy who deserved to find the best possible home.

The association wrote on its Facebook page:

Picaso is dog friendly, child friendly, playful, affectionate and walks great on a leash! He keeps his kennel clean too! He’s the kind of dog that stops and smells the roses with you, to take a long walk just soaking up the scents around him.

Shelter dog comforts anxious teenager

shelter dog

Shortly after their arrival, the Humane Association found a wonderful opportunity to introduce their adoptable dogs to the community, they decided to walk them in a festive town parade.

Shelter volunteer Kim Vigneau walked alongside Picasso and was determined to point out to her companion that night, she was sure that day would change the life of the dog who had already been at the shelter for 19 days in waiting for someone to adopt it.

Kim told The Dodo:

It was so sweet. My goal that night was to get him adopted.

Shelter dog comforts teen

In fact, during the parade, Picasso had an interaction with a person, which would touch the hearts of everyone around him. Kim recalls that while walking in the parade, they passed a teenage girl sitting on the sidewalk who looked somewhat upset. Picasso, sensing he needed help, immediately reached out.

A young woman named Abigail Ellis, 16, suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and experiences difficult anxiety attacks which tend to become quite severe. Picasso noticed something was wrong and ran to comfort her.

Shelter dog comforts teen and she adopts him

Melissa Smoot, the girl’s mother, adds:

Abby’s head was on her legs and she was falling forward. The dog managed to get his body under her and pushed her away. Then she started rolling over. All I could think of was that Abby would have been face down if that dog hadn’t been there.

Family adopts dog

The shelter shared the incredible story on their Facebook account, hoping it would help Picasso find a new home. For her part, Melissa couldn’t get the dog out of her mind. The day after the show, Abby went to the shelter and no doubt Picasso remembered her.

After seeing Picasso with Abigail, the family knew immediately that being together would be better for both of them.

Melissa said:

Abby had been asking for a dog for over a year. I kept praying, ‘Lord, just send me a sign that Abby is ready for a dog. Someone called it a wink from God. It was sure. God gave us a wink and answered our prayers.

Picasso and family

When the family arrived at the shelter looking for their new pet, Picasso immediately ran to hug Abby. Everyone at the shelter was grateful and so happy that everything turned out so well for this dog.

Finally, the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association wrote on Facebook:

What a privilege to be in the presence of so much love! Thank you so much Abby for adopting this sweet little boy… Our hearts are filled with joy.

Images: Facebook / Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association

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