Shelter Dog Meets Her New Human Dad And Can’t Stop Hugging Him

shelter dog meets new dad can let hug him

When Mary McCraw and her husband, Mark, lost their beloved dog Mischka to cancer a few months ago, they weren’t sure they wanted to fill the void with a new member, but then they met Maggie and fell head over heels in love with the sweet pit bull, so they opened the doors of their home to her.

Mary told The Dodo:

“She melted my heart. We had lost our other dog a few months before we met Maggie, and it was just a meeting in my mind. I didn’t think I was ready for a new dog at the time. “

Halfway There Rescue has scheduled the couple to meet the adorable Maggie, her enthusiasm and personality immediately captivating her new adoptive parents.

Shelter dog meets her new dad and can’t stop hugging him

shelter dog meets new dad can let hug him

Mark remembers:

“I crouched down so she wouldn’t be intimidated, and within seconds she was on my lap and in my life. Her story broke our hearts. Meeting her was love at first sight, it was an instant connection. We felt she was meant to be with us. “

Before finding her new family, Maggie had been abandoned and placed in foster care by her previous family. When the rescue center found Maggie, they placed her in a loving foster home, where she was able to recover from her bodily and spiritual wounds. After a few months, the dog was finally ready for adoption.

Andra Mack from the rescue center says:

“She has become one of the sweetest dogs we have ever cared for. The moment Maggie met her new father, my husband and I looked at each other, because we knew. It was like a movie. “

shelter dog meets new dad can let hug him

When Andra saw Maggie meet her new parents, she knew they had found the perfect match for her. Maggie kept jumping up and hugging them as if to say thank you for picking me up.

Andra assures:

“They were meant to be together. The ray of sunshine clearly seen in the video makes me believe that his former dog, Mischka, was watching this encounter and smiling. “

shelter dog meets new dad can let hug him

Maggie’s new parents are completely happy to have her in their lives, they assure that the sweet pit bull has once again filled their home with love and joy.

Finally, Mary said:

“Maggie brings joy to everyone she meets and continually improves our lives. Looking into those eyes makes the world a better place.”

Images: Andra Mack

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