The Shelter Dog Said Goodbye To All His Carers Before Going To His New Owner

shelter dog said goodbye carers before going new owner

In animal shelters there are all kinds of dogs and you can never miss the one who is struggling to find a home, but still does not lose hope. Jax was one of them, a big dog from the Regina Humane Society in Zehner, Canada, who seemed to have gotten used to seeing everyone get adopted but him, but he never let his smile go. fade away.

And it is that his beginnings were not easy

“He was very skinny so it looked like he had been alone for a while. He was very, very hungry when he arrived. We made sure he had all the food he needed,” Bill said. Thorn, director of the Canadian shelter, to The Dodo. After examining him, they offered him up for adoption, but just days after posting his ad, the dog contracted pneumonia and they had to remove the ad to help him recover.

shelter dog said goodbye carers before going new owner

Luckily everything went well after weeks of processing and they reposted the ad, but no one cared.

shelter dog said goodbye carers before going new owner

Jax might not understand why he was being rejected, but the team would. It turns out that the dog barked whenever someone walked up to his kennel and ended up scaring him off, making it harder for him to find a home. “He just wanted to be petted, but he could often be rude to people,” Bill told the outlet. And although they put up a sign to explain their behavior, people’s disinterest was still intact.

So they took him to the main reception and he was able to show off his sweet and charming personality, making all the staff fall in love but not seeing any big changes in the potential adopters.

shelter dog said goodbye carers before going new owner

Even though Jax had become the “longtime worker,” he wasn’t getting adoption requests. “He was even sponsored, so his adoption costs were covered,” Bill told the site, but when they least expected it, the big day arrived.

A man who had experience with big dogs fell in love with Jax when he met him at the shelter, and most importantly, he decided to adopt him forever! he therefore deserved a special farewell.

shelter dog said goodbye carers before going new owner

“When we all found out he was going home, we all gathered in our front area to watch him go,” Bill told the outlet. “Little did we know he would stop at every staff member along the way and say goodbye,” he added.

Each worker lined the hallway to greet Jax to applause, but before leaving, he approached each for a “hug” and a “kiss” while wagging his tail excitedly and walking towards his new owner, who greeted him with a treat. and lots of love.

Watch the moment below:

Jax’s gesture was a kind of thank you to those who took care of them and loved them when they needed it most, and luckily for the team it was just a “See you later!” since he came back to visit the refuge with his owner to say hello. Now she’s gotten used to walking around and snuggling next to her human. “It took a while, but we found the right fit for Jax, and that’s what it’s all about,” Bill told The Dodo. Wise words.

Images: Regina Humane Society

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