Shelter Dog Greets Potential Families as She Pulls Her Paw Out Of The Cage: ‘She’s Desperate’

shelter dog takes hands people shelter adopted

1-year-old Maxine isn’t giving up hope of finding a forever home, even though she’s been at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter (SBCAS) for two months now. The German Shepherd mix has found a new way to communicate with people who pass by his kennel.

Maxine slides her paw through the bars of the kennel to rest in the hands of her visitors.

Shelter staff posted on Facebook:

This precious dog is in desperate need of love.

A dog takes people by the hands to be adopted

shelter dog takes hands people shelter adopted

Maxine was dropped off at the shelter by her former family because she didn’t seem to get along with the other resident dog, so they decided to bring her to SBCAS in hopes of finding the perfect family for her. she.

Melissa, SBCAS volunteer coordinator, told The Dodo:

“He got along great with everyone in the house, but the other dog didn’t like him.”

Unfortunately, adoptions have been slower than normal and the shelter has reached capacity, so this dog is still struggling to find a permanent family.

Despite the circumstances, Maxine gets overly emotional whenever someone visits her in her kennel. In a video shared on Facebook, we can see Maxine enjoying the caresses that a visitor offers her through the bars.

shelter dog takes hands people shelter adopted

Although the person can only extend a few fingers inside the kennel, Maxine gets as close to her as possible.

The dog keeps wagging her tail as a sign of happiness, and she turns on her back to have her belly massaged, to later fill that hand with kisses that give her the caresses she so badly needs.

It’s obvious that Maxine wants people’s attention, in hopes that they’ll bring her home to a loving family who will love and care for her forever. Everyone at the shelter enjoys spending time with Maxine, but they hope to find her a comfortable home and a loving family soon.

Melissa added:

“Adoptions are free at this time because the shelter is at capacity. We hope this helps her reunite with her people.”

Meanwhile, her guardians at the shelter will always be happy to hold Maxine’s paws and keep her company while she waits for her happy ending.

shelter dog takes hands people shelter adopted

If you are interested in adopting this sweet pup, please contact the City of San Bernardino Animal Shelter and ask for their resident #A549158.

Images: Lois Chisholm

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