These Shelter Dogs ‘Go Crazy’ When They Choose Their Own Christmas Present

shelter dogs choose christmas gift

Christmas is the time of year when people awaken the gift of giving, an interest in giving details to those we believe are deserving of it. That’s why staff at the Dogs Trust Ireland Relocation Center, an animal shelter in Dublin, have ensured that homeless dogs are not left without their Christmas toy.

In December massive donations of toys arrived at the shelter, but this time instead of staff giving each dog their Christmas present, they let their favorite be chosen.

The shelter wrote on Facebook:

This year, we combined toy donations from our staff and shelter partners, lined them up, and let the dogs at our relocation center choose their own Christmas present.

Shelter dogs choose their own Christmas present

Happy Dogs Trust

The shelter workgroup started by putting all the toys away in one room, lining them up on the floor, then letting each of the dogs enter the room and choose their own Christmas present.

Sidney Dogs Trust

The toys had different characteristics, some round, some soft, noisy, some bigger, among others.

Porkie Dogs Trust

Some dogs immediately picked their toy and went mad running around the room with it, others took a little longer to pick the right one, even going so far as to go through all the toys to find out which one they liked. fit perfectly.

Max Dogs Trust

One dog tried to put more than one in his mouth, another dog named Max, preferred to choose the method of trying them all, he went through each toy until he chose his favorite Christmas present .

Kenneth Dogs Trust

Kenneth, finding the squeak in his toy, ran around the room making all kinds of noises, an adorable chihuahua named Tiny, found a small green bone that was the perfect size for him.

Tiny Dogs Trust

Buddy was running around the room looking for a noisy toy, eventually he found it and put it in his mouth while continuing to run.

Very cheerful dog Esme quickly found her perfect Christmas present, hopping onto the sofa while tossing her new toy in the air.

Buddy Dogs Trust

The camera distracted three adorable puppies, but then they realized the place was full of toys and set out to find a special one.

Watch the video here:

The joy and excitement of the dogs when choosing their toys was infectious and fun, they love their new Christmas present, but we know the best gift for them would be to have a home forever.

If you would like to adopt one of these dogs, or make a donation so that this association can help more animals, you can contact them on their website.

Images: Facebook / DogsTrust

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