Shelter Dogs Comfort Each Other While Waiting For A Home

shelter dogs comfort each other

Agatha and Jukebox are two pit bulls currently at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona (USA). Although the two dogs arrived separately at the shelter, as soon as they met, their bond was unmistakable.

Agatha was abandoned there and Jukebox was found as a stray dog.

Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, Director of Animal Services, told The Dodo:

Usually when a pair of related dogs come into the shelter, they have spent their entire lives together. But with these two, they did not know each other. They met one day in a playgroup and, from the moment they looked at each other, they became inseparable.

Shelter dogs comfort each other while waiting for a home

Agatha and Jukebox

Agatha and Jukebox had struggled to adjust to life in a shelter, but their growing friendship quickly quelled any anxiety and depression.

Living a life of confinement is difficult and stressful for most dogs, and Agatha and Jukebox are very comfortable around each other.

They even share a kennel, which allows them to spend all their time together. They don’t care much about personal space and prefer to curl up in a single bed to sleep.

Agatha and Jukebox hugging

Recently, a photo of Agatha and Jukebox cuddling up went viral after the shelter posted it on Facebook. Shelter staff hope the social media attention can help them find Agatha and Jukebox a forever home.

Staff usually never say, “These two should be adopted together” because it would take them longer to find housing, according to Nikk Reck, the shelter’s public information manager. But they can’t separate these two dogs, and they hope they can find a home for them because they are meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Agatha and Jukebox do their part to make potential adopters who walk past their kennel fall in love with them.

Jukebox and Agatha

They go out of their way to grab attention and let people see how loving they are.

Kristen said:

We’re just looking for a home that appreciates them as much as we do. They’re like dog TV to us. When someone’s having a rough day or is down, we just go see Agatha and Jukebox together and feel happier.

Fortunately, a few months after the story of Agatha and Jukebox; The dogs were adopted together and they couldn’t be happier in their new forever home.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to share this story. Now Agatha and Jukebox are very happy and loved.

Images: Facebook / Pima Animal Care Center

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