Old Shelter Dog Asks To Be Tucked Every Night To Sleep

Shelter old dog asks tucked up every night

In 2013, Sandy arrived at the Knox County Humane Society shelter in Galesburg, Illinois after being found on the street and unclaimed. She was adopted twice and her last family brought her back to the shelter in October 2021 after her parents fell ill during the pandemic.

At 10, the elderly dog ​​longs to find a loving, caring home where she can be happy for the last years of her life, but in the meantime, she has established a sweet routine with the shelter staff.

Sandy looks forward to being slipped into her bed each night, and the friendly staff are happy to oblige the older dog to help her feel comfortable and loved.

The elderly dog ​​asks to be covered every night at the shelter

Shelter old dog asks tucked up every night

Lou Ann of the Knox County Humane Society told The Dodo:

“Since being here, Sandy has returned to the routine of being tucked in every night. She jumps into her chair and one of our staff tucks her in. It’s something that has become something he looks forward to. almost every night.”

According to the shelter staff, Sandy still has a lot of energy, like any little dog, and has a lot of love to give to the family who decide to give him another chance.

Lou Ann added:

“She is very sweet and loving. Although we love Sandy very much, our dream is for her to have her own forever home, where she is nestled every night.”

Shelter old dog asks tucked up every night

The older dog loves other dogs, walking and driving, but what he would really love is to have his own home where he can rest and create a new nighttime routine with his forever family.

Shelter old dog asks tucked up every night

Luckily, after people learned about Sandy’s sweet story and she got all the attention, she finally found her forever home and she is very happy.

Shelter old dog asks tucked up every night

Shelter staff posted on Instagram:

“Our adorable baby girl has received so much love and attention over the past few weeks and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support. After almost a year since she’s been here, Sandy has started a new chapter and has could go home forever today!”

You can contact the Knox County Humane Society for more information on other animals available for adoption.

Images: Instagram / knoxcountyhumane

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