Shelter Puppy Finds Family With Her Beautiful Smile


The beautiful smile of a dog in a shelter has captivated hundreds of people through social networks and thanks to this she has found a home forever where they will give her all the love she deserves.

The video of a dog generated great tenderness among hundreds of people around the world. In this video which was shared via Facebook and which has more than 130,000 reactions and 97,000 comments, you can see how this little dog radiates joy through a beautiful smile and a subtle tail movement.

The dog stayed at the Beaumont Animal Care shelter for several months after a group of young people rescued her and decided to hand her over.

Shelter puppy finds family beautiful smile
Beaumont Animal Care

Rachel Barron posted the following description on Facebook next to the video:

“This girl is so happy. But what would make her smile even more? A house forever ”

This video stands out among the most watched on Facebook, and the little puppy is now part of a house forever where they decided to call her Layla.

The refuge published:

“Our smiling daughter found her permanent home! She now has a family to share her happiness with. Thank you to your new family for embracing our lot of joy. ”

The positive comments from users on social networks were not long in coming.

One of them wrote on Instagram:

“This video is so cute that it makes me cry. It made the bad day much better. I’m glad she goes to a good house! “

Shelter puppy finds family beautiful smile
Beaumont Animal Care

People also expressed their happiness after learning about its adoption:

“It’s wonderful … I’m sure she will live the best life now!”

We have the enormous power to transform the lives of these animals who wait so alone that someone gives them the opportunity to be happy. So if you have the option of adopting a homeless pet, don’t hesitate, you can change their lives, and surely they will also change your life.