Shelter Puts ‘The Worst Cat In The World’ Up For Adoption, And The Description Is Hilarious

shelter puts the worst cat in the world adoption

Cats are characterized by a unique personality; their independence makes many people think that they are simply being manipulated by them. Some are cute, serious, hunters, lazy, shy or even angry, but they are always ready to brighten up our house.

In Mitchell County, North Carolina (USA), the case of a cat named Perdita was known, which is ranked as the “worst cat in the world” for its grumpy personality and appearance.

Perdita was rescued from the streets by Mitchell County Animal Rescue after her former owner died.

Grumpy cat looking for a forever home

shelter puts the worst cat in the world adoption

Freshly arrived at the shelter, the cat was very sweet, but it didn’t take long for her to reveal her true personality. She went from a lovable cat to a grumpy, angry cat with the physical traits of a person who loves nothing.

shelter puts the worst cat in the world adoption

Brittany Taylor, manager of the shelter, told ABC News:

“The next day she was grumpy. We thought something was hurting her, but it turns out she’s just a jerk. She claims she wants you to pet her and love her, but as soon as you pick her up she starts growling. She’ll hit you, it’s just awful.”

The shelter uses adoption tactics, such as posting the personalities of animals available for adoption, which has been very helpful, and with Perdita they would do the same.

shelter puts the worst cat in the world adoption

We had to do a photo session with the cat, to try to capture his kind side and attract potential adopters, but in vain.

Brittany said:

“The only face he knows how to do is his grumpy face. She’s like the definition of a Grinch.”

All is not lost though, as the shelter created a post on their Facebook, featuring photos of her grumpy cat face, and highlighting Perdita’s likes and dislikes.

shelter puts the worst cat in the world adoption

Amber Lowery, director of the shelter, told CNN:

“We thought that if we highlight [his personality] in a humorous way, the person with a personality that matches his can adopt it.”

The post says the cat likes to look into your soul, until you feel you will never be happy again, he also says he dislikes the color pink, kittens, children, dogs, etc

It also includes a liability clause, where it warns that; she’s single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space.

This post generated thousands of reactions, leading to more than 50 adoption applications submitted to keep Perdita.

The truth is that she will be an appropriate pet for people who want to laugh once in a while and who understand that the cat will love you in one minute and forget about it the next.

The most important thing about this post is that Perdita can find a forever home with someone who matches her personality.

Images: Facebook / Mitchell County Animal Rescue

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