Shelter staff find an abandoned crate in the driveway with the sweetest little family inside

Shelter staff find abandoned crate driveway

Staff at the Coventry Animal Center RSPCA shelter for homeless animals found the carrier left in the driveway outside the door. Inside was an adult cat with two kittens. Someone who wanted to get rid of the animals ran away and didn’t even ring the bell.

The abandonment of animals is unfortunately still relevant, especially during the holiday season. Some owners would rather get rid of their wards than give them proper care or take them with them on holiday, as evidenced by the situation that recently unfolded outside one of the UK shelters.

A carrier with three abandoned cats at the shelter

On a Saturday afternoon, the staff at the homeless animal shelter had their hands full, so it wasn’t until around 4 p.m. that one of the staff noticed a strange man hanging out in the driveway. When a few minutes later he looked in that direction again, he only saw the teleporter left behind.

“Although reception was open at the time, the man hid until a member of staff walked away from the aisle, then left the carrier and fled,” Dave Budd, deputy director of the Coventry Animal Center RSPCA, told local reporters.

Shelter staff find abandoned crate driveway

After looking inside, it turned out that it was by no means empty. Inside the carrier were an adult cat and two kittens.

The cat family has found a temporary home

The animals were disoriented and covered in fleas. Even though the shelter was overcrowded, the staff knew they couldn’t leave the cat family to their fate.

“We can’t operate in a system where people are suddenly dropping animals on us,” Budd said. – Our shelter is full, as are the foster homes. Fortunately, one of our experienced employees took care of the cats on Saturday evening.

Shelter staff find abandoned crate driveway

The adult female was named Trinity, while the puppies were named Madison and Navey. Unfortunately, at the time of her arrival at the shelter, the mother cat was very thin, but over time, an adequate diet made up for the nutrient deficiencies in her body.

Soon all three were transferred to a foster home, where the kittens are growing up loving, healthy and feeling secure. According to the keepers, Trinity seems very grateful that she and her kittens are still together.

Shelter staff find abandoned crate driveway

The volunteers admit that rage and helplessness are the feelings that, after love for animals, accompany them most often. While they might be glad the cats weren’t abandoned in the woods, mutilated, or thrown out of the car, that would just explain the whole situation and move on. Such behavior is reckless and exposes animals to unnecessary stress. It is best to contact volunteers or animal associations directly who will try to find them a home.

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