Shelters ask people to take care of animals for adoption during the pandemic


Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelters are asking people for help to resolve this crisis.

shelters seek help pandemic people

We are going through a difficult situation with the COVID-19 pandemic which forces us to stay at home, we feel worried and anxious with all the information circulating, but during this time we can also help.

Shelters due to the difficult global situation due to COVID-19 need people who take care of abandoned animals, this means that an adoptable animal lives temporarily in your house while finding permanent accommodation.

These actions can help prevent overcrowding in shelters, many animals require specific care and could be of great support if people provide temporary accommodation, the spread of the coronavirus has created a difficult situation for some shelters and they have need our help.

It should be remembered that, dogs and cats are not a source of spread of coronaviruses, according to the WHO.

Best Friends Animal Society spokesperson Eric Rayvid told HuffPost:

“What we are trying to do is prepare for the worst right now.”

In the United States, as in many countries around the world, many animal shelters have asked people to temporarily bring a dog or cat home. Cities that need this support include New York, Phoenix, St. Louis, Memphis (Tennessee), Norfolk (Virginia) and Austin (Texas), among others.

shelters seek help pandemic people
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Some of these shelters have closed to the public and had to cancel events, this because of the pandemic, others, in the coming days, they will have to follow the same measures, which leads people to adopt less and abandon them. animals to continue to increase.

Shelters are in urgent need of foster homes as they are unable to cope if affected by staff shortages due to a pandemic quarantine.

shelters seek help pandemic people
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Rayvid also said:

“If it is a large-scale refuge and you have a minimal staff, it will be a much heavier burden for these people, the fewer animals, the better working environment for [the staff] and better for animals. “

There is no evidence that cats and dogs can get COVID-19, but there are precautions and recommendations from health experts.

shelters seek help pandemic people
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that people with COVID-19 not interact with pets and try to have someone else take care of them if possible, while having more virus information.

shelters seek help pandemic people
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If you are interested in supporting shelters and the adoption or provision of a shelter is not possible, you can also donate food, there are many ways to help.

You should only contact shelters and rescue centers in your city.