The whole world knows this dog, the hero of memes has passed away. The Shiba inu Cheems succumbed to a serious illness

Shiba inu Cheems dead

Sad news has spread around the world. Dog Cheems, known for his cult memes, has died after a grueling battle with illness. Photos with his participation brought happiness to many Internet users who identified with his character. “His mission is over,” but the owner hopes the Baltzee memes will never die.

The cult meme dog is dead. The animal’s health had been deteriorating for a year

Ball Ball was a 12-year-old Shiba Inu living in Hong Kong. Few people knew his real name, on the internet he was known as Cheems the dog. The name comes from the first meme with his participation, in which the photo of the animal was captioned “Cheemsburbger”. The distortion of the words and the addition of the letter “m” became a joke accompanying the image of the dog. Ever since Cheems first appeared on the meme in 2017, his photos have been circulating the internet, becoming the subject of numerous meme trends.

In May 2022, the owner of Ball Ball shared sad news with Internet users. The dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Since then, the animal’s health gradually deteriorated, until finally, on August 19, the media reported that Ball Ball died after a long battle with a devastating disease.

Cheems the meme dog is gone. It was too late to fight

Ball Ball lost his battle with cancer. The owner announced his death via social media.

– Ball Ball fell asleep on August 18 – informed the owner. “He fell asleep Friday morning during his last thoracocentesis operation. Initially, we wanted to give him chemotherapy or any other possible treatment after this operation, but now it’s too late.

Thoraccentesis is a procedure involving the puncture of the pleural cavity. Although the owners planned to continue battling cancer, the animal’s body gave up. Cheems died on Friday August 18.

The meme dog has brought people a lot of joy. “Now his mission is complete”

Cheems memes have gained particular popularity during the pandemic. When everyone was sitting at home, the figure of the “loser”, unable to find the dog, seemed close to people.

– Do not be sad, remember the joy that Balltze brought to the world. Shiba Inu with a round, smiling face connecting us to you and me, has helped many people during the pandemic and made many of you happy, but now his mission is over.

– I believe he runs freely in the sky and eats a lot of delicious food with her new friends. It will always be in my heart. I hope this continues to bring joy to everyone in the online world, that’s my only humble request.

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