Shocking Scenes At A Popular Chain Store. This Is How They Treated A Woman With A Guide Dog, UNACCEPTABLE

shocking scenes at a popular chain store

Dogs aren’t just pets. Many people are excellent guides for people with disabilities. Thanks to guide dogs, many people have the chance to improve their comfort in life. With the help of a pet, many activities become possible. That’s why Chloe, a blind woman, was so happy when she got her guardian dog – a Labrador named Dezzie. Unfortunately, she quickly learned that in the eyes of some, a guide dog can be a big deal.

An employee refused to let a blind woman into the store

Chloe stood in line for a long time for her guide dog. The training process takes several months, but the effort to teach the dog to take care of people who need his support is worth it. Patience paid off. After first meeting A Labrador Dezzie, the woman knew they would become a great duo.

The dog was young but had all the qualities that a good guide should have. He knew how to behave in many situations to facilitate the functioning of a blind woman.

Chloe was convinced that her life would now be much easier. So far, she hasn’t been able to do the shopping herself and thanks to Dezzie’s presence, she hasn’t had to rely on support from other people.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that not everyone was aware of the importance of a guide dog in the lives of people with disabilities. Already during the second shopping in the company of Dezzie there was an unpleasant situation.

Chloe was stopped in the driveway by a store employee who informed her that the woman was not allowed in with her dog. The information that it is a guide dog did not impress the man.

“The solution to the problem” humiliated the woman

Fortunately, Chloe wasn’t the only one with Dezzie that day. The woman’s sister went shopping with them. He proved to be invaluable support in this situation.

The women did not want to let go. They knew perfectly well that it was against the law to prohibit access to public places with a guide dog. The stubborn employee refused to budge, so he decided to contact the store manager.

The whole procedure took several minutes. All the while, the women and Dezzie stood in the aisle and waited for events to unfold. The store manager agreed to let the dog in. However, it turned out that this was not the end of this unpleasant story.

The store clerk followed the women the whole time. Chloe confessed on her social networks that she felt very bad about this situation: “I felt like I had done something wrong.” She decided to speak out about this situation to raise awareness about the importance of a guide dog for blind people. Bringing it to different places isn’t a silly whim – it’s a necessity. Eventually, Chloe received an official apology.

A guide dog can give a disabled person a chance for a better life

Disabled people face problems in their daily activities that perfectly healthy people usually do not notice.

Being able to go to the store with a guide dog is a huge life change for every blind person. Therefore, dogs trained to help in everyday life can go where other dogs are not allowed.

Not everyone has the opportunity to have a guide dog. Others have to wait months for it. Therefore, when someone is lucky enough to have a trained pet, they should be able to shop with the same comfort as any other customer.

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