Shy, Fearful Cat Opens Up When It Meets Rescue Kitten

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

A shy cat who was rescued while wandering in the garden of a house, showed his true personality when he met an adorable kitten who needed a lot of care and love, but above all… a family.

One day, Jazmin Felder heard several meows coming from a tree in her garden, it was a homeless kitten. The woman didn’t wonder if there was room for another kitten in her family of four, but simply decided to help her.

Jazmin told The Dodo:

“I was raised to care for those in need, and every time a cat walks through my door, I give them a home of their own and all my love.”

A shy cat shows his personality when he meets a kitten

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

The kitten was completely alone, hiding among the branches of the tree, and when he saw Jazmin, he immediately got down and approached her. It was obvious that the kitten was very happy to see a person, so he didn’t hesitate to run into Jazmin’s arms.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

No one in the neighborhood seemed to belong to the kitten’s family, so the woman made him the newest member of her family and named him Buddy. Although the little one was very grateful to have a home and to be safe, he never avoided the company of Jazmín’s other cats.

He was very shy, and instead of making friends he preferred to be alone anywhere in the house, it seemed like he would be alone forever.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

But, luckily, everything would change overnight, thanks to a new addition to the family.

It was a little gray kitten, only five weeks old, named Hannah, who had been found abandoned under a nearby house.

As expected, the woman knew that in her house there was room for another feline, so she welcomed it with open arms. Hannah was a spunky and outgoing kitty, who quickly settled in and befriended everyone in the house, even catching Buddy’s attention.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

Buddy is very serious and withdrawn, but something about Hannah captured his heart and for the first time he wanted to be with another cat.

Under other circumstances, the personalities of these two cats would most likely clash, but Buddy accepted his new sister with no problem.

Jazmin said:

“When we brought Hannah home, Buddy came to see her straight away. He’s always been reserved and shy, but from the first moment he met her, his personality completely changed.”

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

The woman had never seen Buddy lonely so close to another cat, but in reality, when they are together, their life seems to end. Buddy has taken on the role of big brother, he is very affectionate and protective of Hannah, they do everything together and are rarely seen apart.

After several months Hannah and Buddy are still together, it is very common to find them hugging or sleeping somewhere in the house.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

Jazmin added:

“I think they kiss and cuddle because they really care about each other.”

Without a doubt, Hannah has become the most important thing in Buddy’s life, and the cute kitty shows him how much he means. Sometimes Buddy even prefers to give him his food before he starts eating, to make sure Hannah eats well.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

Even better, thanks to the company of his adoptive sister, Buddy has become more confident, outgoing and sociable. He’s also kinder, and now the six rescued cats have become one big happy family, and no cat is left alone at bedtime.

Jazmín is very happy with Buddy’s development, but the best thing for her is being able to witness the cute bond the cats have formed.

shy cat opens full meet rescued kitten

Now the two rescued kittens not only enjoy a forever home, but can also live a life enjoying their company.

Images: Jazmin Felder

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