Shy Kitten Regains Trust In Another Cat After Being Rescued

shy kitty finds confidence another cat

A sweet, shy kitten finds trust in another cat after being rescued from a rough life on the streets.

On the outskirts of a neighborhood in Montreal, Canada, two small cats were seen prowling; weeks later, only the little tabby remained when he returned to the family that had provided him with food. The shy kitty was lured with treats to get him off the streets.

A volunteer from the Chatons Orphelins Montreal shelter named Stefany was contacted by the family. She took care of the little one and transported him to Montreal, he was in very bad shape and quite shy.

Céline Crom, who is part of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, told Love Meow:

“His name is Alvin. He was covered in fleas and mites and his belly was full of maggots”

A shy kitten finds confidence in another cat

Kitten in the garden

While the vet was examining him, Alvin was quite nervous, and as soon as he arrived at his foster home, the kitten hid to feel safe. He still didn’t feel safe in his new home, as the little boy needed time and courage in the face of all these changes.

fearful kitty

Alvin’s new family sought to put him at ease, giving him long sessions of gentle cuddling, wrapping him in a towel and holding him in their arms for short periods of time. He was also placed with other kittens, and it was then that one of the cats decided to take him in.

Celine says:

“He was very shy, but if you hugged him like a donkey, he would purr. He was the only foreign-born survivor of his litter. All I wanted was to be protected and calm.”

little kitten wrapped up

A few weeks after the shy kitten, Pippa, arrived, another kitten was found outside a house. The owner of the place listened to the cries of the feline and decided to leave her food with the intention of gaining her trust, and after three days she was able to take her inside her house.

The kitten looked sick, hungry and had a severe upper respiratory infection.

rescued kitten

As soon as possible, he contacted the shelter for help. Once there, Pippa received veterinary care. Treatment began for her eyes and other conditions, and within a short time of the care she received, the kitten was on her feet and beginning to show her personality.

kitten in recovery

Pippa quickly discovered her playful personality, she was curious and very fond of being cuddled. His huge, striking eyes still seemed to be amazed.

Celine recalls:

“As soon as she met her humans, she became more playful and started learning to trust. It didn’t take long for her to snuggle up to us and purr.”

Adorable kitten at the vet

The moment Alvin met Pippa; Everything was perfect. The kitten immediately approached her and followed her every step she took, she began to lose her shyness and could always be seen next to Pippa playing, eating or taking a nap. He has become a brave kitty since he met her.

two shy kittens

Celine adds:

“Alvin likes to go wherever Pippa goes and he likes to tease her into playing with him. They have a great bond and can often be found sleeping together.”

kittens playing

The two felines love and love each other, always making sure to spend time together. For Alvin, meeting Pippa has made him a more confident cat and he is generally no longer afraid to explore, even admiring her so much that he always tries to imitate her.

Celine assures:

“They are very close even though they are not from the same litter. Both kittens were rescued from the great outdoors and are now looking for a forever home together.”

shy kitty

If you want to know the work done by Chatons Orphelins Montréal, you can visit their Facebook page.

Images: Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal – COM

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