Dog Too Sick To Sit Takes One Last Ride Around Town, Then Comes The Miraculous Moment

sick dog makes last ride comes miraculous moment

It’s a moving story, that of Maverick a skinny dog when Joey Maxwell and his wife first met him in a shelter. Fortunately, Maverick joined their family after the two spouses adopted him and spent six long happy years together. But unfortunately, the dog received bad news: that he was sick.

Maverick, a Golden Retriver and his family spent six great years together until this little dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. The owner did everything to help him, make him happy and everything in his power to fight the disease. For Maverick, the first cycle of chemotherapy was very successful, but unfortunately two months ago the disease returned, leaving him unable to move.

sick dog makes last ride comes miraculous moment
Joey Maxwell

So, the owner who cares a lot about his pup made a decision: take Maverick, load him on a cart and take him around town. This gesture had its weight. His owner did everything to make his last days more enjoyable, especially since Maverick couldn’t walk and knew how much pain he was in. This story was shared by Maxwell on all his social media and on CBS news he reported:

“He screams at everyone who passes by until they pet him because he thinks the whole world is there to love him”

sick dog makes last ride comes miraculous moment
Joey Maxwell

It’s amazing all the love and support Maverick has received, especially after his owner shared his story on social media. Today, thanks to this and the famous wagon ride he is known for in the town where he lives, Maverick is a real star. People when they see him express a lot of affection for him.

The unfortunately sick dog, thanks to his master but also thanks to the people who love him, regains strength every day. He feels all the positive energy from people and now he can even sit up on his own.


According to Daily Mail, the owners of Maverick have confirmed that their beloved pet died peacefully in January 2017 after a long battle with a type of cancer called lymphoma. He also had a nerve problem that prevented him from using his hind legs in his final months.

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