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What are the signs of a happy dog?

Any owner of a four-legged friend like a dog certainly wants to see their pet happy. Some people think that regular walks, good food and water are enough for this, while others add training and playing with their pet to this list.

Unfortunately, our pets cannot communicate their feelings to us, but an attentive owner can easily recognize when something is wrong with their dog. How do you know if your dog is happy? In fact, it’s not that difficult either – there are several main indicators that the dog is happy with everything.

He invites you to play with him

If a dog is happy, he will undoubtedly express a desire to play with people and loved ones. How to recognize that your pet is inviting you to join the game? As a rule, in such situations your four-legged friend lowers himself onto his front legs and raises his rear legs a little, he also wags his tail and may even bark.

The dog touches you with its paws

Everyone knows that this type of tactile contact is a sign that the animal trusts and feels affection for its owner.

If the animal places its front paws on your lap and raises its ears, this can signal both a strong love for you and that the dog is currently experiencing discomfort and seeking your attention.

Your pet is rolling on the ground

Everyone has seen this joyful picture at least once in their life. But again, just like the situation above, a dog can not only show you and share its joy, but also attract your attention. However, it can also be a great way to cool down on a hot day or if you’re feeling itchy.

Your four-legged friend is shaking with excitement

Yes, and it’s also a kind of sign of happiness. You can be sure of this if you pay attention and observe your dog before going for a walk.

The dog chooses to sleep on its back

Only an animal that completely trusts its owner and all members of the family can sleep like this, because for a dog, in the event of an attack, the stomach is the least protected place.

The dog smiles

As surprising as it may seem, dogs really know how to smile. However, a dog’s smile can easily be confused with this positive gesture. It should be remembered that when a dog is satisfied with its life, when it smiles, its body will be relaxed and its mouth will be slightly open, but the animal will not show you its teeth.

Your pet follows you everywhere

This behavior is only typical of a happy dog. This can be compared to the behavior of a dog when playing with other animals.

If you notice at least a few of the above signs in your pet, you can rest assured that he is definitely feeling happy.

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