6 signs your cat hates you. One of the signals is particularly dangerous

signs your cat hates you

It is worth knowing how cats show that they feel uncomfortable in your presence. Few people realize that dogs act in different ways. Check to see if your cat sometimes tells you that he’s fed up with you. Ignoring certain signals can have serious consequences.

Learn cat language and you’ll know when your pet is fed up with you

Cats can communicate in a surprising number of ways. Every pet owner should learn to recognize the signals that even the most secretive animals send from time to time. With this, you will know when your pet feels uncomfortable. You will be surprised what the signals can mean: “I don’t like you!” »:

1. Ruffled fur

This is one of the clearest signals of dissatisfaction. When your cat raises the fur on its neck when it sees you, move out of its path immediately. It is also worth thinking about the causes of such a significant reaction. Pets generally do not show reluctance without good reason.

2. Reluctance to play

Most healthy cats generally want to play. If your pet refuses to participate in joint activities, despite the fact that you regularly encourage him to do so, it is quite possible that he simply does not like you. Especially when he likes to spend time having fun.

Some signals can be misleading. Don’t compare your cat to other species!

3. Wagging the tail

In dogs, tail wagging is primarily associated with joy. That is why many cat owners believe that in the case of cats this behavior also indicates the animal’s good mood. Nothing could be further from the truth: Cats wag their tails when they are nervous or anxious about something.

4. Look into your eyes

In the human world, looking into eyes is often seen as an expression of tenderness and affection. However, in animals, an intense gaze indicates a lack of confidence. In this way, quadrupeds show that they are alert and prone to attacks.

These signals are impossible to ignore

5. The cat avoids you

If your pet avoids contact with you and demands cuddles and plays with other people, this is a clear sign that your relationship needs improvement. Animals avoid people who make them uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. This may be due, for example, to the fact that you often yell at your pet or force him to hug you when he doesn’t want to.

6. Hisses, growls and meows

Cats sometimes use verbal language. Hissing and growling always indicate difficult emotions, usually nervousness, frustration or fear. In the case of meowing the matter is a little more complicated, depending on the situation it can mean many things. If you are concerned about your pet’s vocalization, it is worth consulting your veterinarian. However, cats will often meow at someone they don’t like.

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