She Enters A Sewer Pipeline To Save Puppies


Sometimes the real heroes aren’t Superman or Captain America, but ordinary people we meet every day.

Siham Aissaoui is further proof that not all heroes wear a cape.

Siham is a 38-year-old Moroccan woman from Oujda, a city in the east of the kingdom, who literally devotes her life to saving street animals.

In Oujda, eyewitnesses filmed a woman jumping into an abandoned sewer to save a dog and her stranded puppies facing death from starvation. The video was posted by a friend of siham Facebook.

Siham told Pets Feed:

“My goal is to show people around the world that animals should be protected by humans. And we have to take care of them and love them “

Siham, took the hungry bitch and her puppies home, where she fed them, and then to a vet to make sure everyone was healthy.

She uses a small room in her home to keep all the stray dogs she saves from the streets, which costs her around 3000 MAD (around 300 euros) / month, between food, medicine and veterinarian bills.

Siham takes care of a total of 30 cats and a dozen dogs, which she keeps at her home, while waiting to move to a proper shelter.

The shelter in progress…

Siham enters sewer save puppies
Siham enters sewer save puppies

She adds:

“My goal is to find homes forever, for all these little beauties, and I encourage everyone to adopt instead of buying. “

Here are some rescue videos that Siham is now used to doing:

Rescuing a sick stray dog ​​with broken bones

Mission to feed stray cats

Mission to feed hungry stray dogs

To help Siham in her missions: Facebook | Youtube