A Little Rat and a Rescued Cat Form a Cartoon-Like Friendship

sky arthur rat cat form cartoonlike friendship

Various users have wondered how these little animals can get along so well, so their owner commented that it was probably because the cat understood how much he loved his rats, so he respected that.

Chances are you’ve heard that cats and rats don’t get along and, of course, felines have long taken it upon themselves to hunt them and even bring them home as trophies. However, there is a couple that shows that the relationship between the two can be better.

They are Sky, a pet rat, and Arthur, a rescue cat who came home much later, but who also did very well adapt to space, even becoming friends. with Sky, according to its owner, Rachelle Létourneau.

Rescued Rat and Cat Have a Surprising Cartoon-Like Relationship

sky arthur rat cat form cartoonlike friendship

The couple became famous thanks to a video on TikTok showing a “rat attack”, in which Sky follows Arthur from behind, even getting between his legs. At that moment, the cat gives him a light bite, almost as if asking him to stop bothering him.

sky arthur rat cat form cartoonlike friendship

According to the Cole and Marmalad website, this scene reminded many people of the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons, despite the fact that in the cartoon, it is the cat that hunts the rodent and not the other way around.

“The sweet little bite to pet him, I knew he was upset. It’s so cute,” said one user, to which the pet owner replied, “He really loves [his] annoying little sister hahaha .He does this to let you know he’s upset and needs to stop. But she will NEVER stop,” accompanied by laughing emojis.

sky arthur rat cat form cartoonlike friendship

Others wondered how Arthur learned to be with Sky or if he was naturally so friendly, so Rachelle replied, “Honestly, I don’t know; They got along well from day one. He knows I love my rats, so he’s nice to them.”

In the comments they also talked about the cleanliness of the rats, contrary to what is usually thought. “Although they are associated with the plague and the sewers, they are intelligent, social, clean, and rarely bite unless provoked. People who love them always praise their qualities,” they said in “Cole and Marmalad”.

Létourneau even claimed that Sky is so clean that she even uses the cat litter box to relieve herself.

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